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What SF Means to Me Quotes


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I found SF when searching for a better plan to end my life. I stayed because there is support and community unlike anything else I have ever found. Here I can share the successes, wins, failures, and struggles openly without pretending to be someone else.

SF is a place where I feel that I can say anything without fear of judgement or ridicule. I am not the awkward exception in the SF community, rather a part of a rare group that is fighting to do life together. Here we are not alone!
Wow! I couldn't have worded that better to explain what SF means to me! The only difference is that whilst I wasn't suicidal, I was extremely lonely and found an article written by Freya that inspired me to join. That's another beauty I guess. Some people are suicidal, some lonely, some struggling with mental health or physical issues. Some people come here after the suicide of a loved one to find out what would motivate that kind of thinking and then need support in the healing process. There's heaps of other examples too. I guess I just love the fact that not everyone here is suicidal per se, but are struggling in there own way which is extremely painful and we all understand that here. Maybe we can't relate exactly but we can relate to the pain. Anyway, great post! (Not that other's aren't great also ;))
"The thing I like most about SF is that it is an extended family of friends world-wide. And in the true nature of friendship all here always have sage advice, infinite support and encouragement, genuine compassion and empathy, and give me reasons to smile/laugh in spite how I may be feeling at the moment. In a word --- SF is a place of unconditional love---which is what true friendship is all about."


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I came to SF looked and then didn’t come back till I was really low again and just needed some support. I found support and more. I found friendship and people who truly care I found a place where I never want to leave.

I think one of the amazing things on SF is having someone say I don’t know if I would be here if you had not been here for me. Think about that one minute you are thinking of ending it all and the next you are helping someone else want to live or at least helping them through one more day. A good reason to live I say.

Okay use or don’t use what I wrote but I can say I tried hug
hiya so i uh stumbled across this thread and began to fill in the blanks; i don't do a lot of writing it kinda turned into a pseudo thank you letter thing, and somehow wound up as ah well a poem. i've only been on this site for four days and its already helped me a little, and that's much more that i thought it would have when i first singed up. still i hope you like the answer, thank you, poem-y thing i wrote. as far as second poems go i ah like to think i did ok.

the answer, our thanks, and a poem

i found SF knife in hand; planning out my final deeds
not one date, but two this time. twice the chance that i'd succeed
a day had passed and as i lie: sobbing through my tears
against my better judgement i recounted wasted years

and then a thought if nothing else, i figured on a whim
lets try something different, lets try something new
so i signed up to the forums. now i'm thankful i did
with all the friendly people here i never had to hid(e)

at first i thought it was an act, but then i came to see
that all these anons had such big hearts enough to care for me
and not just me, but all of us, as we suffer our taboo
they lend us wings, and give us smiles to help us carry through

with open hearts and words of care for all who stumble in.
these forums have proven to be home, for those who don't fit in
cause sure we may be broken, and our scars will still remain
but SF helps build up our pieces, so we can live again
that's the whole poem. and eh sorry about all the bad punctuation, and rhyming "did" with "hide". i'm not the beast at that stuff. oh and sorry if the title is weird it was the last thing i added to the poem before posting this.
JmpMstr, are we allowed to respond twice because if so talking and listening to others on SF has truly helped me face reality and see just what I did to my children, now adults. For me it’s horribly uncomfortable, excruciatingly painful, so very sad and I am totally guilt ridden BUT I needed to face this. I can no longer hide behind rose coloured glasses. I was a fuckin’ awful mother. Now - how can I possibly make amends


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Was coming along well but tbh has been slow as have not had time to do much with all of march- just a lot of other commitments on personal time so hoping to be able to find some time in next 2-3 weeks to really push it. Between health and real life things though just has been hard to find much time to to compile the frames I have made from the stuff in this thread for example into video clips. Is absolutley on priority list to get back to work on however.

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