What should I do about this?

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My husband is a heroin addict. He keeps relapsing every 1 or 2 weeks lately and today, he's been talking about it all day. He swears that if I let him do it, he'll delete the drug dealers' phone numbers, and it'll be the last time. He's nervous about a court hearing tomorrow. I don't want him to feel bad, but I just can't bring myself to say "Okay, you can go do drugs". And it seems messed up to go to court tomorrow in that condition...But if I don't let him, he'll keep those numbers in his phone and may do it behind my back anyway. What's the best thing to do? Should I not budge no matter what he says?


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It's tough, because nobody can really tell you what you should do. I can say that if it were me, I wouldn't give him the OK to go do it, because that would just be feeding the addiction. Sometimes people make desperate promises when they really need that fix, and him saying he'll delete those numbers might be one of those promises.
I wouldn't say he could do it. He needs to take the first step and with your help hun. And yes he could delete the numbers, but he could have them backed up or remembered in his head.

Addiction is horrible and maybe he needs some professional help because going it on your own makes you very prone to relapsing.

Let him make the choice tomorrow, that might show you how willing he is :hug: xx
this is hard this drug had a hold on me and you will lie cheat steal and hurt the people around you just to get high on this stuff but it isnt personal he does it because he is ill he has a sickness thats what addiction is and more likely then not he knows those dealers numbers by heart so i dont know hun dealing with an addict it hard i kno believe me i was one


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Yeah, I'd considered the fact that he memorized the numbers, or wrote them down somewhere ;/ And even if he didn't, I'm pretty sure that if he wanted it badly enough, he'd go and find someone new to get it from. No matter what, I lose.

Anyway, I did my best not to let him, but he eventually went anyway. He did delete the numbers though, but I'm not sure if that even matters. As for his court hearing, he didn't get probation like he thought he would...and he kept telling me that the reason he wanted to do it now was because he wouldn't risk it while on probation. And now that he doesn't have probation, I guess the pattern continues. Sigh.
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