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What should I do when all seems lost?

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What should I do when all seems lost, when you keep struggling despite extreme efforts, tries, when you can't even lead normal, ordinary lifestyle? What should I do when I am the only one at work who is quiet, depressed when other co-workers are laughing, socializing with each other? What should I do if I were naturally born with fatal flaws?
People often say to me, "Try harder. Then everything will be O.K." If I didn't try hard, I wouldn't be able to stay away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex. I am still who I am despite my tries, efforts. This is the end result, a man with severe depression and an addiction.
I don't care what the answer is. All I want is realistic, frank feedback. I would like to hear u guys' insights.



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Try and find another thing to do, another thing to take your mind off things and another thing to express yourself. Try and look inside yourself and see the person you want to be and try and take all the steps you can to be that person. But most importantly, Believe in yourself.
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