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  1. I went to see Caroline Storti, that head-doc person. We sat for an hour talking and throwing questions and such around. At the end of this "initial consultation" she told me she is of the educated belief that I am suffering Moderate-Severe Depression but so many things point her towards a rather potent Bi-Polar diagnosis. It wasn't until the end of the hour that I realised she would be costing $120 a session.

    Though she did advise me to seek a "mental health plan" or, failing that, a "division of GP better health plan" with my doctor that will either take most of the cost off or (if i get the div of gp better health) for free. The doc doesnt do either which is a real pain cause i'm young and jobless and my mum has no idea i've been suffering over the years.. that or she refuses to believe it (my sister suffers depression and my uncle adam suffers bi-polar.. she'll probably feel all failure-ish and such). I can't afford this... But I need it...

    How do I turn around to my mum and say "Hey.. you know these past 7 or so years have been a (pardon my french) fucking ridiculous battle for me.." and so on so forth? I just can't do that.. then not only would she know and feel glum but then everytime i don't have a big wide grin on my face or anytime I answer her with one or two words it'll be "Hey Dani, are you alright? are you having a (haha) "dark mood"?? How can I help??", and either way i'll probably tell her where to go... Can you see my dilemma?

    Cheers... Cheerio

    - Dani
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    Well that is an interesting challenge, telling your mom. I told my mom on accident a while ago. I was pissed because she was treating me like I was being a spoiled brat and I just yelled "I wanted to sleep because I am depressed PISS OF:mad: " Being blunt helps, it would be better if you did not cushion the blow... in my book anyway.
  3. Cheers Forgotten, I completely forgot about this too. It appears I may have too.... A wine before hand will quite definetaly have to be in the cards. I think parents are the hardest to talk to when you don't make a habit of doing so with them.

    Though I did check my other options, apparently I can see 6 reputable sessions with her and then get them renewed via MediCare, which is for mental health plans, disabilities, etc etc.

    Thanks again, i'll let you know if that idea goes down the shitter =]
  4. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Hey Dan pleased to meet you:smile: first I must say i noticed you're from Oz also cheers mate.there are Psychiatrist's here that bulk bill the whole consultation or majority of it I live in Melbourne just to say.I'm also Bi-Polar so please don't feel like you have to suffer in silence no more because you don't.It's very important that you get a diagnosis asap and have some therapy or meds to assist you.
    This is a great place to get help and support also and if I can be of such help my email is Milansteve@yahoo.com.au i have msn also.

    P.S Don't suffer in silence anymore matey!!
  5. hey another Melbourne lad, good stuff! well technically i'm gippsland but the ammount i melbourne it is almost obsessive haha.

    Cheers for the advice. The lady i'm seeing wants to try some cognitive behaviour therapy or something like that cause i turned down meds (that whole hiding the disease, not curing kinda thing puts me right off).

    I think bulk billing is apart of that reputable 6 session offer thing. I'll have to look more deeply into it.

    Cheers laddy, our msn's are combined haha
  6. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Coolies dan listen bud try to keep going at it and share with the people that care and support that's what they're there for mate.I understand what you mean,swear if you have to,do what you need but most important reach out dude.Don't suffer in silence please I know how you feel man please CBT can be of help I know it's hard when you are feeling pretty shit.
    But I'm having it and with the depression been so bad and Ocd and bdd also it's been hard takin it onboard.
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