What should I do?

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  1. (Apologises if this is in the wrong section)
    I'm so confused and frustrated.

    Okay, so, I go to a special needs school, I'm a resident (means I go stay/sleep there during the week and come home on weekends/holidays) there, and I hate it. I have a huge home sickness problem, and I have bad, bad phobias, like, leaving the house for a long period of time, fear that something may happen at home if I am not there, etc. My mother is an alcoholic and when she drinks TOO much, she is a risk to herself and others. I worry about that alot too.

    Now, I was promised a day place(meaning like, go there in the day and come home, everyday, like a mainstream school does), last term, on one condition; I went there everyday, every week, etc. Okay, so, I didn't go full time. Not my fault though, one week I had conjunctivitis, and the other week was activity week, and I had a choice, CHOICE, to go or not. I choosen not. They have held these two weeks off against me and said I cannot go day place because I did not 'stick to my side of the deal'. However, I was advised BY THEM to not come in the week I had conjunctivitis (as we all know it is highly contagious and very damn painful too, aswell as irritating), so I misunderstand why they hold them two weeks against me when both of them were not my fault. I wasn't purposely skipping school.

    And NOW they are saying I have to return to school on Sunday evenings, not Monday mornings, LIKE IT WAS SCHEDULED FOR WHEN WE RETURN FROM SUMMER HOLIDAYS. So, now I'm confused and frustrated and I have said 'I am not going back until I am day place, they promised me, and the weeks I had off were NOT my fault, so I'm not going back until I go day place or, I go back on Monday mornings, and that I'll be able to go day place soon'.

    I find it unfair and totally ridiculous they promised me something I worked hard to get, and they haven't given me it.

    They promised, and now I just suspect they "promised" me just to get me to go to school.

    :mad: :dry: :unsure:

    So, here's my question.

    What should I do?

    Baring in mind I have a huge phobia of leaving the house, and that I hate, HATE, going to school under these conditions. I am fully capable of day place, but they think otherwise because my previous schools I didn't go a whole lot of the time. But, this is for real, this is a real school, the last 'school' was a programme for those who don't go to school, this is proper education, not some programme, I am fully dedicated and capable of going dayplace, they just don't trust me, it's so frustrating, but they won't even give me a damn chance at this.
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    Go above their heads to the Board of Govenors. Document it all down, your symptoms, the problems you have with being a boarder, explain why you had those times off and that the school suggested it, etc. Basically launch an appeal against the decision.
  3. ive tried that before.
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    oh sarah, i'm so sorry....i know that you really wanted to go just during the day... i really hope that you can find some way to work this out.... things just seem really screwed up lately, don't they?
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