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    Ok so, If u guys have read some of my previous blogs then u know alot about my ex bf. If not then to keep it simple: He lied to me and cheated on me and then rumors started cuz of it and lots of unecssary drama
    Anyways he talked to me for the first time in a month! (The last thing he said to me was "die") He told me about how he broke up with his gf. And Sunday, I asked him if he wanted to go to the game with me (at my hs) but he said no cuz too much drama happens at the games. BUT, he said that we could hang out at his house instead if i wanted to. Just me and him. He has slept with 8 women in the past year. I just haven't hung out with him in a while and really dont think we would have any other time to hang out (cuz he works)
    so plz oppions welcome :)
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    Hi FallingStar. He has slept with 8 women in the past year? Wow, I hope he didn't get an STD. You can hang out with him if you really want to, but just be careful. If the last thing he told you was to 'die' then he doesn't sound like a very good person to be around. Find someone nicer to be friends with. :hug:
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    I hear the facts of what is going on between you and your ex, but I don't feel able to advise you about the situation because I feel my opinion doesn't matter. How do you feel about him? Do you want to spend time with him? I hope you will do whatever is best for you, whatever that may be.. if you want to talk some more about it we're here listening. Take care of yourself x
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    He sounds like bad news to me. And the whole plot sounds so fishy!

    First he broke up with his girlfriend, then he called you and wanted some alone time with you. Speaking as a guy, I think he's looking for 'rebound sex'. Slept with 8 women huh? In a year? Tell him to produce a clean bill of health from a doctor before you touch him.

    Look. I have known guys like him. Whenever they break up with their current girlfriends, they flip through their phone book of ex-girlfriends who might give them sympathy f**ks to soothe their manly egos. Don't be the rebound girl. It is demeaning.

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