What should i do?

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    I thought i had something really good going for me because this girl made me feel truly happy for the first time in years. So this girl I've been with decides to lie to me for over 2 weeks about seeing a kid who i once considered to be a good friend of mine. She has no clue i know yet. I just found out earlier today after she told me that she couldn't go out tonight because her mom wanted her to clean the entire house. Considering that she lives in a rather strict household i believed her. So i offered to drive over and help her clean but she tells me her mom said that she can't have anyone over. As soon as i got off the phone with her, my best friend calls me and tells me that this girl has been lying to me. And that she has been seeing this other kid all week. And that the kid was over at her house right now. She was the first girl i cared about and my last chance at happiness till i moved away. Should i keep playing dumb, or tell her i know everything that has been going on...I thought i would be angry but I'm just severely depressed.
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    I know it hurts right now, but there will be someone else...stay with us and share how you are feeling...we do care...big hugs, J
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    I just really wish i had some answers because the fact that she would lie to me makes me think she at least cares a little bit about how i would feel.
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    She does not care about how you feel. Most times, when people are deceitful and not revealing, it's because they are protecting themselves from being rejected, being confronted, getting low self-esteem, having someone else know about their degenerate deeds, etc.

    I think you should confront her, confirm your suspicions, and let her know that you don't want to be with her anymore.
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