What should I do?

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    So. I'm nervous, and stressed. I've got a job, but I need to travel for it. In a few hours, I have to prepare myself and get ready. However, my grandparents and dad don't want me to go. I'm not sure why, but they were rather moody towards me.

    Another thing. My brother has this huge bill. I've suggested quite a few things, which he could do in order to pay the bill. But does he listen, no not really. Yesterday he called my Grandparents, explaining them he had some problems. I assume he wanted to loan money from them. Because it's strange for him to call us out of the open, he barerly does. Though, it feels as if I have to look after him and loan him some money of me.

    It''s really stressing me out, even if I stay home for my grandparents it won't be appreciated, and when i'll loan my money to my brother he won't learn a valuable lesson. Everytime when something bad has been going on, I was there for him. And always he turned his back to me.

    I really don't know what I should do. I'm getting sick of always being controlled in some way.

    Thanks for reading anyway,
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    Have you asked them why they dont look exited for you ? What is the reason they do not seem to be happy about you having a new job ? I would try to ask them.
    about your brother, well first ask yourself if you can afford to miss the money yourself. if you can, how sure are you to recieve it back one day ? maybe you could also have a good word with him ? i cant comment on your brother, if you decide to help him dont expect something back. help him because you want to help him. but indeed keep supporting people who dont learn from their failures and turn their back one you is not a nice thing. i would say follow your intuition and do what you think is best but at least ask your father and grandparents what is borthering them.
    good luck
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    I'm not sure why. They always disagree when i'm doing something on my own though. Whether it's work, or moving away. It has to fit in their tastes in order for it to be acceptable. Basicly, aslong as you do what they say, they won't get angry. I've tried talking with them quite often, but they tend to be so stubborn. Yesterday there were some visitors and I told I had a job, explained where and what it was. Everyone was happy, even my grandparents and dad, but as soon the visitors had left, they burst out in anger and are annoyed. There is no way someone could talk sense into them.

    I'm not sure if I can miss any money. My plan is to move to England and settle there. I've been saying this for so long, and now that i'm close alot of crap happens. I just don't know, he's my family and but i've promised someone that I would make haste with moving. Agh. x__x !!

    Thank you kindly for your reply FlyingDutchMan. I appreciate it! :smile:
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    hey all i can say is it time to live your life now Dont let others take that away from you. They had their life now it is your time to adventure to go explore the world Your brother will be fine without you. Get your things packed and go okay see whats out there if you don't you will always regret it take care of you let the others take care of themselves
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    IMO you should tell your brother that you're doing more good for him by not loaning him money. If he doesn't understand then it's probably best you don't loan him money... as it'll probably be something you'll regret.

    Like someone said, time to live your own life. Make the decisions you think are best.