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What should i do?

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My Uncle think that ill be entering 3rd year college this year.... but the truth ill be starting entering 2nd year college.. the reason it happen it because i dropped most of my subjects. i really dont know if i should tell him about it.... and if i tell him he would humiliate me gradually stop me at my studies. since he's the one paying my college fee's

I Feel so shame on my self. My Uncle gave all the things that i need and i wasn't able to do the things as a Student. I don't even know if i can bear it anymore


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you gotta be as honest as you can be no matter what, tell him and face it, it will be ok in the long run. well thats my advice pal, hope things turn out ok.
good luck!


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Agrees with previous poster, honesty really is the best policy in this case.
Was there a reason for dropping most of your subjects?
I remember when my son (after many weeks) plucked up the courage to tell me he needed to drop his A level physics, he was just finding it all too much.
I didn't want him to and tried tutoring him at home on top of his college courses, but it was soon brought home to me physics really wasn't his thing :lol!:
It was only then he informed me he'd dropped it weeks before!
After that I listened to what he needed and not what I thought he should be doing.

Everybody who responds to this post will tell you that honesty is the best policy and you know what, they are absolutely correct. The truth is, your uncle will find out the truth eventually, the truth will come out. What then? If your uncle cares enough for you to give you the things you need for college, he will surely understand and not humiliate you. Have faith in the ones who care for you, people are generally understanding. Believe me, I have first hand knowledge about having difficulty in college. Advanced studies are NOT easy, however if you take it one day, one subject, one class at a time, you will find that you WILL succeed and in the end will have accomplished a great thing. Also, the relief you will feel after being honest will be incredible. I hope everything works out. I know it will.
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