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what should i do?

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i have a problem, i hate looking in the mirror. i am so ugly and fat. People tell me the opposite but im thinking they must be blind. or is it me who has a problem? it so confusing not knowing what i look like. cause i really dont know. when i see myself on a picture i look completely different than in the mirror. and thats a bad thing since i look so terrible in pics. i really cant stand looking at myself. i always cry after looking at myself. i wanna fix this so much but i dont know how to. i know there must be sthing wrong me with cause i always worry about my looks and im never satisfied about anything. i just hate myself, my face, my hair, my body, everything. but i had enough, i wanna be like other girls who can look in the mirror and think "I look pretty good today". im so tired of this.

please help me. i dont know what to do...


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You need to learn that beauty doesnt come from the outside, it sthe inside that counts. If you arent good looking or dont have a nice figure (which im sure your not its just your brain saying stupid things) then you need to understand that thats what you look like and you cant change that. It doesnt matter if your pretty or not. just if your a kind person. Without the people who arnt really good looking then there is no such thing as good looking. Dont stop eating or anything like that to get skinny, its so bad for you and it makes people so scared. i have friends who have been bulimc and friends who never eat and it hurts me so much when i see them... my best friend was bulimic but she got thru it, and now shes so happy, shes an amazing girl.. please dont do anything stupid. Take care, Ally x
You need to work on your self-steem. Maybe try not to look in the mirror, focus on getting to know the inner you, and start to realise you are a very smart, caring beautiful person on the inside, and that's all that matters, besides I am almost possitive you are neither og those on the outside. You probably need to be eeing a therapist that works a lot with eating disorders....and I have had eating disorders for years....if you ever need to talk with someone I am here and if you need a friend you have one now anytime you need the friend. :hug: :hug: :hug: :cheekkiss


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it's all about perception. You perceive that your ugly. Others say your not. To a certain degree, no one likes everything about themselves. I think I look stupid. I even do best I can to avoid getting my picture taken. I feel like a dork when I see pictures of myself. I think most people though feel the same way. It's like hearing your voice on a tape recorder. It never sounds like yourself. Yet nothing has changed. It's all in the point of view you are seeing things from. It sounds like you have good people around you. Trust them. Believe they are telling you the truth. To be frank with you, even if you are fat, you can still be pretty. I have seen lots of heavy people that look very beautiful. You know why they were pretty even though they were overweight? Because they loved themselves. They knew they were a good person, as you are, and so they felt good about themselves. By feeling good about yourself, you will emit a healthy beautiful glow about you. I can promise that! I've seen "beautiful" people look ugly simply for the fact they did not have the right kind of attitude. So, like the others have said. Don't worry about your weight. you are who you are, and you should feel good about that.
Secondly, if you are going to do something about your weight, do it the right way. Get a trainer or someone to help you. You'll need to eat right and exercise. Exercising and doing this the RIGHT way, will also improve your attitude about yourself. Just make sure your doing it for the right reasons. I'd suggest speaking with a counselor about this. I would think you'd see a change in the first couple visits. And say to yourself, others think I'm beautiful, I am beautiful! you are pretty! Most of all smile! :biggrin: :biggrin:
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