what tghe fuck is wrong with me

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Its official i am by far one of the dumbest people on the face of the earth. Leave it to me to become hoplessly infatuated with a common criminal. So theres this guy from my neighborhood whom i've had a crush on for the past three years. I anitiated the first greeting, we became associates, then i finally tell him that i have a crush on him. He tells me that there's a warrant out for his arrest, I say so what.

I play the lovey dovey girlfriend role while he plays the i couldn't care less role, as his lips tell me that i'm beautiful and the reason he's so distant is that he may be going to jail for the next two years any day now and he doesn't want to get attached. So I believe him and procede to make a fool of myself. Until i finally get tired of it.

Much later after following him around like a sad puppy begging for love and afffection I give up. When I see this guy, I don't so much as give him a smirk. He dissapears for about three weeks comes back and like diarreiah all of this shit starts pouring out of his mouth like, oh "You gonna be my wifey and where gonna be together". of course being me I believe every word half heartedly going completely against my instincts and procede to playing my lovey dovey role again. Two days ago he asks me to borrow my unlimited metro card, after confirming of course that I would stick buy him when he became incarcerated and by complying with these terms I could be his girlfriend. He told me that he was going to get it back to me yesterday before I had to go to my computer class. I haven't seen him since.

Any type of asshole bashing would be greatly appreciated. And I already know that I'm dumb so please no comments from the peanut gallery on that.
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Sorry that happened hun. :( Some people can be so convincing and they end up treating us like crap. You mention a warrent is out for his arrest, have you considered telling the police? If he has conned and tricked you then you can be sure he would most probably do the same to someone else.
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