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    Okay, I'm starting out by saying tat I don't really have that many friends, and that none of them are the type that I can talk to when I'm upset. Because when I'm upset I just want to let it all out and no one wants to listen to me.

    But what makes it worse is that my mother will tell me to do something, and then when it comes to things where I am supposed to go to her for help, like legally required because I'm still under the age of 25, she won't help me because she doesn't want to. However most of the time, that blocks what she wants me to do. Right now that's in reference to college and financial aid. Since I am unwed and under 25 she is legally supposed to give me her tax information for FAFSA, but no she doesn't want anyone to have her tax information.

    I just spent a month helping my grandmother, getting back on the 8th. And she's getting after me about not having a job. Oh, I'm sorry I just missed all the fucking holiday hiring because I was out of town because SHE sent me out of town.

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    I don't know what to do, I can't afford to move out but she is driving me insane and I have no one I can talk to about it because no one fucking cares that I need to rant when I get upset. I also can't really feel loved because no one in my life really hugs and if anyone has ever heard of the fie love languages, my love language is touch. But even though I feel like shit, I've only really "attempted" suicide once, and also never cut myself.

    By attempt I mean I went for a walk and was going to xxxxx and killed me, but the cops were at the end of my neighborhood, and someone stopped me. So my pitiful attempt only left me with a scar on the top of my foot because I tripped going down the stairs of my porch. Fucking smart.
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    Your mum sounds very unhelpful.
    Can you sit her down and calmly explain to her why you need her tax information? And also why you missed the hiring period?

    I apologise but I am unsure as to whether you have a partner who is not tactile or if you are single. If the former, again just tell them.

    Ranting is good, cathartic and its better done on sites like these.