What the fuck is he doing.

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    Boyfriend has been an idiot last night, and again a little while ago. The "while ago" he told me, when he knew I was depressed, that he didn't love me. He lied. Don't know why. Probably to get a reaction. Or maybe he wasn't lying, and the borderline-esque complete overreaction that followed scared him into taking it back.

    Last night, we were joking on, he said he loves me "sometimes" and I started acting all "What? Nooo say you love me all of the time!" and he wouldn't say it so I started getting more upset and more serious until he says that he doesn't love me all of the time, like the night before when I had had one of my borderline-esque moments that are very difficult to deal with.

    I got really pissed. How could he say he loves me "sometimes" and doesn't at other times? I convinced myself he doesn't know what love is if he thinks that. So I confronted him and told him if he believes that, he doesn't know what love is. He said that, in that case, he does love me all of the time, and he was "just being stupid".

    Why the hell is he playing games with me? Is he lying, or just telling the truth and then taking it back when I kick off and get upset?

    Kaz :/ x
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    maybe he means what my boyfriends means...
    "I love you. but when you'r like that I'm not sure about it..."

    you know that loving a person with psycological problems is hard...
    but for people like us it's also not that easy to keep that in mind...
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    Maybe he's having trouble seperating like from love. You can love someone all of the time, but not like them all of the time. For example, I love my parents dearly; but when they do mean things and say nasty stuff to me, I don't particularly like them very much, and sometimes that makes me think I don't love them. But I do. It's just dislike clouding my vision and my thoughts.

    Either way though, he shouldn't say stuff like that as a joke, especially not if he knows you've got problems and that. You need to let him know that joking about that kind of thing isn't acceptable for you and ask him to not do it again and just to be honest and tell you how he really feels.