what the heck?! i thought there was meant to be MORE blood!*TRIGGERING

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  1. okay, well recently i started dismantling my razors before i cut myself, but ever since i've been doing that there hasn't been enough blood or enough pain for me to only do it once, so i find myself making 3 or 4 incisions each time now, i thought that if you dismantled the razor and used the same amount of pressure and everything then there would be more blood??? i'm thinking about using the razor as it comes now, just so i can see all the blood again, i miss it, and the sting that comes with it aswell. :cry2: how can i get the blood back??
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    Hey i just wanted to say hi and welcome to SF.You are clearly in a lot of pain.i hope we can support you and help you feel a little less alone.We have all been through different [though sometimes similar] things here but try to support each other.None of us will help or encourage you to hurt yourself but im sure many of us can identify with the type of very real emotional pain you are feeling and maybe the physical pain you sometimes inside feel you want and need.Please try and stay safe and talk to us some more.im glad you found us.There are some very friendly and supportive people here.Thats what ive found.i hope you find the same and find this place useful.Well done for being brave enough to post when feeling so bad and i hope things pick up for you.Dont hesitate to post again and/or feel free to PM [private message] me any time you feel the need/have any preference for talking privately.Take care.kath
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    heya, welcome to sf.

    im 14 and have been self harming for about a year now.

    i found to begin with i cut very small cuts, maybe a cm long, but as i got more and more depressed i needed to see more blood to feel that i could cope. i now have to cut 30 times in 1 short session to fell relief, and although this may not be the answer you are looking for, i would try to find other ways of si besides cutting. There are some goods topics all about this on the forums.

    Sory if i wasnt of much help, good luck

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