What the heck man!!! (Nothing that really matters just venting)

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    :furious: WHAT THE HELL!!!! Why the hell does planned parenthood SELECTIVLY choose what services they will offer from state to state? I mean seriously aren't they one in the same? Why the fuck can't they all offer the same thing?:furious: :wallbash: I just want a fucking Vasectomy is that so fucking much to ask? God now I have to go jump through hoops to get one.

    Even though in the end I will probably never use it, in lamens never have sex. That is besides the point. The fucking point is that I want a Vasectomy and now I have to travel around to various urologists and get rejected a bunch. Probably spend a few thousand dollars to travel to another state to get one. FUCK, :mad: I just want to get a Vasectomy and I will fucking get one even if I have to go to some destitude alley in mexico to get one.

    Just AHHH :furious: anyone out there who has had one who is childfree and under the age of 30 have any advice for convincing Urologists to give me one? Just AHHH enough said.

    Please note that it is flaming to tell me "You should wait till you are older" I am NOT in the mood nor will your words reach me.
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    I hope that the venting has made you feel a little better. :hug:
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    Sorry Forgotten. Unless it is medically necessary, I don't know of any that will perform those services on a young person. :(
  4. Axiom

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    I know someone who had a vasectomy, ill ask him.


    Anyhow, I'm somewhat confused as to why they would refuse you? You meet the requirements.

    Just guessing but would it be because of your age, and that they think you should wait? If, that is the case, if you present a real calm realistic position I don't see how they can reject you. (unless the age limit is different in your state)

    Donno. Only thing I can say is, get confortable with people saying you are too young to have a vasectomy. If it stirs you up, you're going to have this hiccup in your presentation to a uroligst. And I very much bet they will bring it up directly to you. It's your decision, obviously, try to know that, and know no matter what anyone says, that it is their opinon. If it winds you up, because its so opposite to what youre aiming for, maybe try looking at it differently. Some people are too young, and the question itself is out of respect for who you are. Try and place yourself way beyond that 'questioning' part of this. If you are stronger than questions that try to unravel what you wish to do, and meet the requirements, there shouldn't be a problem..

    Er.. I'm sure you have very good reasons for wanting one at your age.

    Though, I wonder, considering you are on this site, I hope you don't have any perscription medication for suicidal thoughts. I can see that as a hinderence to doing this.

    I'm dizzy on the specific reasons as to why but, good luck with getting past them.
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    @Carolyn: It helped a little but I am still pissed. But it is something I want so I will put forth the money to get it.

    @gentlelady: I have spoken with many people who had one at my age or by the time they were 23 or 24. They just live in different states. If I keep failing I am going to do it myself. After I make a list of all the doctors who rejected me. So I can blame it on them.

    @Blake: Ha ha yeah I have been to their website too. It is not that they refused me it is that they do not have a service for them set up in my state. Which is bullshit in my book.

    Thanks for asking your friend though, but if he is not around my age then anything he tells me will probably be useless unless he does not have kids.

    And no I am not on meds and I can put up a pretty good facade to make it seem like I am normal.
  6. theleastofthese

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    In my humble opinion it should be your right to get whatever medical procedure you want. YOu're not hurting anyone by wanting a vasectomy. Somewhere our system is not working right...:dry:

  7. Forgotten_Man

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    Well it is just in my state. If I called planned parenthoods national line I could find some state that does. But I agree too, you should not have to fight doctors who think they are gods because they are doctors.

    I will get one even if I have to do it myself.
  8. theleastofthese

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    ... well, I don't think you should 'do it yourself'.:unsure: That sounds too risky to me. You were just kidding, weren't you??:unsure:
  9. Forgotten_Man

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    For now it is only an idle threat. But depending on how many times I get refused.... maybe.