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What the hell is happening to my life?


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I had to wait until after midnight in case I scuppered it, but Wednesday was a non eventful day, the buses ran on time, there were no threats on the bus, the technology worked, and no nasty surprises lurking anywhere.

Survive 2 more days, hopefully there will be some news and money will come my way 🧲🧲🧲🧲πŸͺ„πŸͺ„πŸͺ„πŸͺ„
Ha ha, it worked. Sort of. I play free games on some online casinos, and win small sums of money, or get bonuses like 50p added to my account and then play roulette style games for a bit of fun. I only ever play with this free money - playing with the house's money, so to speak. Anyway I saw one of the games I play hadn't paid out for some time so first thing today I put 10p on my lucky number and ended up winning 400x, or in other words my 10p turned into £40. It won't cover my taxes but I'll keep imagining money gravitating towards me like I'm a cash magnet. 😲🧲🧲🧲🧲

Other news isn't so good - I'd just given go ahead to apply for my latest remortgage to clear debts and fix outgoings, at a very nice rate (comparatively, not nice compared to 2% at the beginning of 2022!) when the Bank of England raise interest rates again. Am crossing fingers I get the agreed rate locked in before they notice but how likely is that dealing with financial vultures?! Maybe my magnet polarity reversed after the casino win!

I have had an apology from the contact who owes me the most money. But they are a manager and not one of the finance psychopaths - they have emailed the finance department, but in my experience you may as well whistle in the wind and expect money to fall from the clouds as soon as get a swift response from these finance departments!
I only ever play with this free money - playing with the house's money, so to speak.
Please be careful. They give you free money the same way drug pushers give out free samples. If you give into a temptation to play with your own money it's a big risk even if the games aren't rigged, but they're often rigged on top of that.

I know this is stuff that you already know, but people who know better often get themselves hooked by these things.

Sorry about this, it's just hard for me not to say something.


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I might be borrowing Tiddles while her humans go on holiday. If I ever get paid I'll invest in some cameras and shoot a year's worth of content while she's here πŸ˜€ Failing that I could hire a young actor and just do the scripts and behind the scenes. πŸ˜‚
Lol. No acting!!! Must be real. Not fair how all these YouTubers are staging scenes. Real events are more desired. And do not worry about cameras. If you have a recent smartphone model you can make a sharp video with it

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