what the hell is wrong with me

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    I'm 17 years old and for as long as i can remember the littlest things piss me off and i'll just start throwing things and breaking things. it usually gets physical and i always regret it later. I've made my mom cry so many times in my life because and it makes me feel so guilty because its my fault.
    I was 8 years old when i started doing this and i usually would tell my parents that i was going to kill myself and start drawing pictures of me killing them or myself. They took me to counseling and that didn't work at all. My brother was 12 at the time and told me it was my fault that our parents fought so much because i was such a pain in the ass. When he told me this, i tried to choke him. I have no fucking idea why i do this. I just scream and throw things, then lock myself in the bathroom and cry for a good hour. And it happens all the time and i know something must be wrong with me. I just dont know what :/
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    Hi A...please talk to you family doctor and see what is going on...many of us feel anger and rage, but we try to find other ways to express it...you sound aware of what is going on, but having problems rechanneling it...see if someone can suggest other ways to get this expressed before you burst...big hugs, J