what the hell was he thinking!?

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    I can't breathe, i can't stop crying, I can't stop freaking out. What the fuck kind of father are you and what the fuck kind of potential step mother are you? are yout hat fuckin stupid? are you really going to take a 7 year old to New York on New Years Eve to see the ball drop. There will be 3000 drunk people crammed into one space and you are going to take him there. You are a shit father, you are a shit human being. If i had been awake that early I would have given you a reason to never be able to walk again.

    my mind is fuckin' racing. you don't take a 7 year old to a place like that this time of year. for a fuckin stupid ass ball to drop, who the fuck cares?! You hve to be that stupid and that shitty of a father to think that it's safe.

    you are not my brother atm, you are that stupid. you are a fuckin' sorry ass excuse for a father. Now i will be up all night freaking out wondering if he is safe and as for you you are in for a rude awakening!!
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    :eek:hmy: Kellz, they're actually that stupid? Tell them that they shouldn't take a seven year old there to be surrounded by drunk people, and I'm sure they'll be drunk too. :mad:
  3. Terry

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    Kells don't freak surely they will have the sense to stay on the fringes of the whole thing. :unsure:
    Dylan gets hurt I'll fly over and give your brother a sex change :mad:
  4. ~PinkElephants~

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    :blink:he ended up turning around in connecticut b/c he knew how pissed off I was and how pissed off my dad was. I've never seen my dad so mad and he actually called him a shitty father.