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What the hell?

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Been depressed for about two years now, funny thing is i can’t even get the courage to fucking kill myself.

At first it was just the feeling of being worthless, my dreams were gone (I was smart as a little lad, not now)

My dad hanged himself late last year, my sister/mum treat me like a piece of shit and force me to have weak medication that doesn’t do anything.

When i do see my friends (I have kinda stopped going to school and socialising) I just act as if everything is fine..

It actually really hurts inside because i know that i should be feeling happy but im not, Trying to just smile does not work :(

I do not trust myself to go to sleep just in case i wake up half way thru the night and try to strangle myself with something..

Is there any way to hang yourself.. Don’t have a rope or a high beam or anything.. <mod edit: bunny - methods>

Also, are there any house hold tablets that might do the job or are they pretty much fool-proof.

I have gone very pale in the past 6 months or so i know the time is coming, i just want everything to end..But when i saw my dads body … I don’t want to end up like that.. Gotta be an easier way

Are there any sure as hell methods that do not leave you body mangled?

Geez, its 4:37am i gotta get up to "go" to school in 3 hours :sad:

Sorry about the swearing.. i cannot handle the feeling that i should be happy, but for no reason i am depressed
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Hun, you need grief counselling :sad: Can't even begin to imagine how you must have felt with your dads' suicide:sad: but the shock must have been horrendous. No wonder you are feeling depressed.
If you are in the UK Cruse (bereavement counselling) are a great organisation.
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