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    My mother has decided to move to the south in 2 months, the only problem is I won't be able to apply to college this semester. I took the whole semester off last semester because of our money problems. And it was long and lonely and boring. And she had agreed to move after next semester so I could go to college this semester. I was looking forward to it, and then today she just goes and agrees with my grandfather to move in febuary and expects me to be happy about taking another semester off. Being stuck alone in a little apartment with her. I swear I can't believe this shit, I have never been any more upset, she knew that I was looking forward to college this semester. And I was so excited about it. And then she pulls some shit like this. I have never been any more fucking upset in my life. What the fuck am I suppose to do for another 8 months alone, play with myself. I really can't believe this.

    Besides when I went down to visit, it was boring. Nothing but trees, and if my grandfather is buying us an apartment, where? I swear I feel like shooting myself in the head.
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    I swear, I will rob a store, if I have to I will rob the mall, get some money and runaway, If I have to spend another 8 months in some shithole with her of all people. Especially in the country.
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    Go to the school and get a student loan okay there are grants as well bursaries look into that Talk to the financial advisors there and see what you can get to stay on in the college what residence will cost. You have to be proactive here okay There has to be a way to continue your education go ask a councillor at your school now.