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What the hells going on with me!

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What the hells going on with me, one min i am in the most black mood I have ever been in and contemplating killing my self and then a few days latter I am sort of happy again, at least not in a black mood thinking god this is it.

I am beginning to wonder if I am bipolar the way my moods swing.....


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I'm like this, too. I often wonder why I'm so unstable. It is very possible that you have bipolar disorder due to the unpredictable and drastic mood swings. However, I would see a doctor for a definite diagnosis. Sometimes depression comes in waves and it gets really bad for a few days or a week and then you just suddenly feel fine; like it never even happened.

So you might not be bipolar, but if you really need to know, see a doctor.


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Are these irrational mood swings or do you actually have reason to be happy one day and down the next day? Have you considered that maybe you have a bumpy life with regular ups and downs to which your mood correlates?
I feel the same way a lot. It seems that the negative gets better, but we are programed to be positive. Evejoy the ups and when the downs come hold on tight. Sounds like you have something to live for. But what do I know?


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Hmmm hard to say really. You have to reflect on the events that occur between your initial mood and your later mood. With me it can be anything really. Sometimes I get suicidal and then I have lunch and am just fine. Other times, I watch a comedy or play a video game. It kind of depends on what you do and what emotions they are tied too.

For example at work, if I am having a bad day, I feel more suicidal. This is because I am depressed about the state of my current job. However, when I am at home and I am playing a video game, and am angry at it. I am angry because the game is difficult not at the game itself. When I am done playing. I may be upset, but I am not depressed. Because I know I am really good at video games.

The human mind is weird.
To be honest I can just wake up in a morning in a black mood, with out any thing triggering it and it can last from a hew hours to a few days then I just snap out of it as quick as i drop in to it if that makes sense.

My life is fairly stable at the moment ok I am doing a job i don't much like and for the most part out of work my friends know to leave me allow unless I want company and then I ask for it.

Get on well with my mum and not seen my dad in years for a number of reason the main one been when I was a kid he abused me and I never got over that as much as I would of liked to. I tried usual counseling but that just a load of rubbish it never works or it never made me feel batter any ways it always makes me more wound up then ever.

At the moment I am in a fairly good mood so I am just enjoying it while it last I am seeing my doc on Saturday and I am going to have a talk with him to see if he can suggest any thing....


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I have noticed something as simple as a good nights sleep can make me feel wonderful.

When you are feeling down do you ever try something to help bring you back up?
Bipolar cycles usually take weeks or months to cycle through. If one is cycling within days or even hours it is called rapid cycling, and it is not common.

If you truely are rapid cycling you need to see a doctor right away and get things under control.


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I wouldn't say it is bipolar. Like above user said, if it was you would be rapid cycling and it would be quite dangerous. And for a diagnosis of bipolar, a cycle of mania must be present and it dowsnt sound like mania to me. However you can cycle with depression. I am in this situation too and I have 4-6 weeks of a low but stable mood then 1-2 weeks where all hell breaks loose, I self destruct and everything I do is destructive. It is only lately I have noticed these cycles. I would suggest keeping a mood diary so you can show your doctor how long each periods last for. It could be that you have a milder mood disorder called cyclothymia I think its called and mood cycles are more predictable amd regular. But it could just be depression going through the motions.

Hope this helps xxx
When I am in a down mood or a black mood I have tried to cheer my self up and it does not work, most of the time I just sit there getting in more of a black mood, if I put the PS or XBOX on and go on a game I enjoy it just end up pissing me off even more.

With regards to the sleep thing I can go to bed at 9pm and get up at 7 the next morning or later if it a weekend and I am still in as much of a black mood as before.

Some days I just snap out of it other days it can just keep going, some times it dose happen for weeks other times it can happen 2 or 3 times in a run of a week.

I still think some of it related to my job but can't say that for a fact. I am seeing my doc tomorrow so hope he can shed some light on things.

But I agree I do need to get my self sorted out before I hurt my self or some one else....
One thing I did for get to say in the last post I some times do get a bit self destructive, worsed one I can think of in recent weeks is just not giving a shit when walking to work or when I have been out shopping and just walking in to the road with out looking.

It a bloody mirical that I have not been hit by a car or some thing bigger.
Some times they do other time i just end up feeling happier, I seen the doc today and he put me on some medication he saying it is depression I am suffering from, I got to take the tablets for 2 weeks then go back to them.

I just hope the meds work or god knows what I am going to do....
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