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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Xenta, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Xenta

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    Last night I cut for the first time in little under a week :( I pulled out some paper and a pencil and started drawing a little while after I was done, forgot to put it away before I went to sleep. My ma comes into my room today to "clean", and happens across this and all she can say is "Your already going to college, if you wanted more attention all you had to do was ask." Wait What?!

    So the reason I drew that last night, was only to get attention from you? Because I knew that you where going to come down here before I got up this morning and find it? That almost makes sense, self centered much? Seriously am I the only one that sees her reaction as sort of fucked up?
  2. Drekono

    Drekono Well-Known Member

    yes i would agree with you that it was a fucked up reaction, but it could be that she is misunderstanding the situation. I dont know how close you are with your mother but if her reaction is making you feel worse it would be beneficial to talk to her about it. Why you do this in the first place would be a very good thing to figure out and get out in the open so you can get help.

    Not to turn this around on me but i can empathize with your situation. The first time my mother found out i cut a few years back her reaction was to get extremely angry and start yelling. Saying things like "why am i that bad of a mother" as if she was the sole reason for my cutting. I ended up getting extremely made at her for being so self centered and started living with my dad for awhile. My mother's and mine relationship has never been close to a "good" relationship but it only went downhill after that. i never did tell anyone else about the cutting and a few years later it only got worse and worse and eventually (among other problems) it lead to a suicide attempt a few weeks ago while i was up at college. i ended up getting stuck in a mental ward for a while where everthing finally came out in the open. Even though my mother and i still dont have the best relationship she at least more or less now knows why i cut and do half the self destructive things i do( i say more or less cause i dont even fully know why). but having it out in the open did help. i can only suggest that you dont let it get worse and seek help foryourself whether it be professional help or just letting people that are close to you know. And talk it over with your mother. Best of luck and many hugs to you
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