What time is it and what are you doing?


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I was listening to Rachel Platten, the fight song.
Yes yes yes to that!! I had that on repeat for about 3 hrs the other day while I was working on my roof....I was crying smiling working with completely exaggerated movements and generally just loving the "let it all out" moment.
It was only shortly later I realised I had earphones in and the neighbours though I'd gone crazy!
Yes I have, but I'm taking back my life one damn day at a time!
You go girl!! Hope you're ok.


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It's 03:28, sleeps not working so I think I'll browse on here a bit then go play on Xbox before I set off for work. Luckily I don't have a long day at work tomorrow.


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8.30pm- tennis is on I've been in pain and discomfort from my belly for a good 3 hours now. Lack of sleep on top of pain And I am beyond exhausted. Just took night meds hope it's enough to push me over into sleep for awhile
Midnight. Lying on my bed with phone as usual, trying to just chill after a bit of an "attack" (anxiety/depression).

My teeth feel like shit so gonna clean them again..


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1:09am. It was ridiculously hot today and will be again tomorrow. I need to get some sleep as I've started leaving silly messages for people o_O > that's when I know it's definitely bed time!! Take care everyone :)

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