What to do about a Will?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Glacier, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Glacier

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    I'm 23, an only child & my parents are both deceased.
    I first thought of suicide about 2 years ago. My Aunt is the closest person to me. She and my Uncle had a shop and were beginning to sell & look for a house. In the end they sold the shop quickly & settled for a house not as good as mine. They also inherited a smaller house some years ago which they have to had to completely fix up and want to rent it out. There is argument over this house with my Aunt's twin sisters who feel they should have gotten the house. My Aunt said she would let them have it but the house was left to BOTH my Aunt and her husnband. He wants to keep it to rent it out although he told me tthey might have to sell it.
    If they got my house 2 years ago, they would have gotten abetter house than the one they eventually got, would have a good nestegg from selling their business and would just have let the wins live in the house they inherited without the trouble of ever having to fix it up which her husband has been working on every day for more than a year.
    If they were to get my house now, I don't know if they would move again even though it's a better house. What could I do now?
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    I am sorry your pain has brought you to this point. I am very sorry for the emotional torment you must be having. You sound like you are in shock to me. Like were discussing a pattern of wallpaper to pick out or a style of shoe to wear.

    You may be feeling emotionally numb at times, as well as emotionally drained, and other times strong emotional pain which you are trying not to feel?

    I know sometimes we compare it to a feeling of roadkill.. what I mean is we feel hit and run over by life and were just trying to get to the side of the road. emotional pain can be very debilitating.

    But your not talking about an operation to cut off a leg. You're tlking about ending your life. it doesn't have to be that way. you can cut out the emotional pain, you can get help with that, there is a road to recovery!

    It's not over. You have a future. I know it's hard to see that right now but it's there if you just dare to look at it. And that future can be of your making. yes, there are things we can't control but stop for a moment and think of what you can do. And no comparisons... comparisons are abosolutely the first thing to be cut out. Don't compare you life now to what was (when it was good) and don't compare it to the supposed average, and certainly don't compare it to those who appear to have it all! Listen, don't compare at all, k?

    You are a person of value. God doesn't make junk. Everyone contributes so much to the world and people around them. When you've experienced a loss it hits home just how much is lost! When my husband passed away I couldn't bear to stay in the house anymore. Too many memories and too much pain, I couldn't heal while I was there. I had to move. Pick up and just go somewhere new and start over. It's not really moving out it's moving on.

    If your ready to sever all ties than maybe you sell the house and pack what you need and drive off. ??

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