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What To Do While You're At Home During The Pandemic?


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Many of us are still staying home in an attempt to slow down the spreading coronavirus, but being stuck at home can lead to boredom. What do you do while you're at home during the pandemic?


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Try to do more reading and enjoy new books on subjects not familiar to you. Learning about different science projects or try new hobbies. If you have never learned to meditate or do affirmations now is a great time to start. Mainly keep busy exploring new avenues of life. That will keep you busy doing something worthwhile waiting for things to return to normal. Don’t worry it will get better as time goes by, just keep on keeping on. Love.


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Now I have to go to work but when it had just started I managed to stay at home for like 3 month (except doing grocery shopping around the house) which is impressive for a person like me who gets charged by taking walks or going to eat out.
What I did was go back to making art, workout a plenty and study French. Worked for me pretty well.


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Yes being at home can lead feeling bored at times but if you have a plan of things to do you should be okay, so long as you avoid the day time tv as that can really suck the life out of you. Get some books on your ipad borrow some from the library, watch your fave shows, go on YouTube, play games on game console.


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Organize, declutter, go through photos on ur phone. I have like 999999999 useless pixes of random stuff just was too lazy to delete them over the years of having this phone. Go for walk at local forest perserve. Find new things to cook with.

Oh yeah im too busy doing this puzzle game im on like level 2200 i started this when pandemic hit. Kinda pathetic cuz thats 2200 minutes or hours wasted


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From on today my city is off for 2 damn weeks........ I'm really tired of the situation. It's sad but I will probably not even go back to college to enjoy my student life with friends, even for the last semester next year.

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