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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by jamie7718, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. jamie7718

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    Hey guys and girls,

    I've got something coming up around Christmas time which could mean the end of life. Something I don't want to talk about on here but Its going to turn me my family's life upside down. Its going to be so bad that I don't feel my life is going to be worth living.

    Im just trying to weigh up in my head everyday what to do. I feel like ive only got two options, first is to go through with my plan and end it all, causing my friends and family much hurt and pain. especially my mother who lost her husband (my dad) about 5 years ago to cancer. And is currently loseing her husband now due to heart diesese.

    Or the second option is to stay alive and still cause my family alot of hurt and pain and shame due to what I have done and the punishment im going to get in December.

    I feel like im in a no win situation with no happy ending, I wish I could just go to sleep one night and never wake up, Like I was never born and no one had ever heard of me
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    Hi Jamie!

    I REALLY am sorry you are feeling so terrible. The main problem with depression and wanting to end your life is people thinking ''the shame in talking about it, about what you have done wrong etc..''

    Just my opinion, you NEED to get these things out, if you don't want to talk on the forum about it you can private message me about the problems. I really don't know what's going on for you, but that is what this forum was created for....so you can talk freely and get support. A no win situation? Not undermining your situation at all but I think a few of us have felt the same and got through it. Please do not harm yourself Jamie ....you are not alone in this.

    Much caring, Lynn.
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