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What to do?

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I feel like no body cares about me anymore. My mom and dad split 2 years ago when I was 14. I lived with my mom throughout the first year if the divorce but now I live with my dad in New Jersey. Mom lives in Illinios. I only get to see her every 3 months or so. I feel like my dad has given up on me. I now do alot of "partying" as my dad would say and he has given up on me. My grades have dropped I used to be a straight A student. I have the shittest friends in the world. They don't do shit for me, except for rag on me for being over weight. I try to do sports to take up time but that doesn't help because I suck at them. I have been thinking about ending it all because there isnt a point. I once dream of being a doctor but now with my life like this its not even possible. I've given up, it's not worth the pain.


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dont give up. my parents are split as well. was really messy divorce. my grades suffered, i even quit hockey which was the only thing i loved. i know they are your parents but screw them. live for you, yourself, and only you. dont worry what other people think and jsut do what makes you happy.

i was the same as you in high school, fat, ugly, good grades, yada yada yada. i made myself dumb by pretending to be dumb and stupid to fit in with them. biggest mistake of my life. was totally not worth it. now i really am stupid, didnt finish college, have a crappy job and still live with my retarded father at 24 years old.

do yourself a favor. get good grades for yourself, not your parents. goto a good college for yourself, not your parents. trust me when you become a doctor and you look back at all of the "cool" kids in your school they will have amounted to mcdonalds drive thru attendents and school janitors


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PyRoK, sorry you are going through such a rough time, I wonder is it possible for you to go back to live with your mum again? Would you be happier there?
Are you so unhappy and your your school work suffering because off the move to where your dad lives?
I fully appreciate that the split up of your parents is in itself a traumatic event and having to start afresh in a new area & school just piles on the pressure.
Remember, you can be anything you want to be, so if it's a Doctor you want to be don't let this destroy your goal, don't give up, you CAN still achieve your dream.

Take care PyRoK.

:hug: Hazel x
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