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What to do


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So I really don't know how I've ended up here but I know I can't keep on like this! I've suffered with mental health problems my hole life been under the mental health team for years but this year after getting my life back together feeling happy came off my olzapine I had job,house car ect but my problems all came back I didn't feel in control and things have gotten alot worse I lost my car job, I've lost all will to carry on I've been hospital a few times past months and I constantly just want to die and not carry on and I cry and get hysterical everyday.. I'm back on my olzapine taking them but it's not helping me I'm really struggling to keep going, I don't have any friends or family at all and have been alone for months and months now it really is driving me insane I don't leave the house I hardly eat I've just given up and don't see any other way out


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Hi @Jack270. Welcome to SF. I'm sorry to hear all that you've been through. Being alone is very difficult. Here I think you'll find a supportive group of people. Jobs and cars, while necessary in life, can be replaced. I've been through a bunch myself.

Why arent you eating? Is it the meds or because you're just not leaving the house to get to the food store?


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Thanks Lane I like the feeling of it hurting me and when I take my meds without food they put me to sleep I don't really know why other than that tbh
Sorry that you're going through this Jack.

It sounds like you might want to some practical advice on what to do, but I thought I'd just check first to make sure.

I hope things can get better soon.
Thanks @SkyTree means alot as I have no one else at all..Things got too much on Friday I <Mod Edit: Methods> and been in hospital my heads just everywhere I just can't keep going
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Hey @Jack270 I'm sorry things are getting too much for you. You'll always have a place here to share your thoughts and feelings. We're here for you, and we're glad to have you here.


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Hello and welcome, I hope that you will be well and out of the hospital soon and that things get better for you. In the meantime this is a fine place to vent and share.

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