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    Do you ever stop to wonder why or what for? Why do you do things at the most vulnerable times only to later regret them? A lifetime of hurt and regret. Sometimes that's all it takes to push one so far over the edge there is no turning back. When there's no turning back, what then? Where do you go? What do you do? When you feel you've burnt all the bridges possible, who do you have left? Who do you have to run when life is so out of control? When there's no one left, the only option seems to beeither run and bury yourself deeper into seclusion or take that final step to ending it all.

    Do you ever think of the people you are hurting in your path of destruction? Do you ever stop to think about others aside from your self? Why are you so selfish? Why do you consume yourself with only thinking of yourself? If you think about it you're only hurting yourself. You are pushing everyone away and hurting everyone you love by your actions. One single action, one single sentence, one single breath and you've managed to possibly destroy a friendship that you've held dear for more than a year. She's the only one you really trust, the only one you've ever really confided in, and now, now you've managed to screw that up. You don't even know how far you've gone this time.

    Do you feel sorry at all? Do you feel loss at all? Do you feel like that trust is broken now because you've managed to say something you shouldn't have? All this time you've prided yourself on pretending you didn't care. The truth is though, you do care. You care so much it's destroying you inside and out. Truthfully I know that you feel like you've screwed things up for good. You feel like there is no right way to fix this. She's so hurt, you're sure of it. She feels betrayed and rightfully so because in your fit of anger, fit of hurt, fit of whatever you want to call it, you betrayed her trust.

    What do you do now? What do you do now? Do you try to fix it? You know in your heart you want to fix it, to apologize a million times for being so stupid. How do you even begin to fix that? Do you simply say sorry and say it won't happen again? Is it really that easy? It doesn't seem so, but one will never know unless you try.

    I'm sorry...trully and wholeheartedly sorry. I wish I could take it back but I know I can't. What's done is done...but i hope you know it wasn't intentional. I'd never do anything to intentionally hurt you. you are the best friend I have and i would never do anything to purposely hurt you. I love you to bits and I'm sorry.
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    You say the words you wrote in your last paragraph. It's that easy to do but yet so hard to say face to face. But you have to atleast try. If you can't go face to face then write it in a letter and drop it by. You have to try for her and especially for you.
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