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  1. killtomorrow

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    ive been feeling sick to my stomach ever since i realized i have serious feelings for my brothers friend that ive known for about 4 years now and he has always been unbelievably sweet to me,he always shows me that he cares for me but im afraid to show anybody effection and i dont know how to react when someone shows me effection, and like i said in another thread he has a huge crush on another girl, and i know they are better off together but i would be completely crushed if he came to me and told me that he even kissed this girl,oh shit i dont know what the fuck i would do....
    im thinkin about emailing him to ask him to pick me up so we can go some place so i can ask him some questions and try to get him to admit any feelings he has for me.

    So my question is should i take this chance?
  2. reefer madness

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    Skip the questions and just ask him out.
  3. killtomorrow

    killtomorrow Well-Known Member

    ive been having a harder time sleeping and i cant eat at all anymore.
    i havent been seeing him very much lately,and i saw him last night but he didnt even stop to talk to me,
    i wish i could tell my brother and he'd be ok with it so it wouldnt be so fucking hard to let this guy know.
    i keep trying to message him on msn to tell him i need to talk to him but its never him..what the fuck?!?! i cant handle feeling like this anymore, i feel so much worse than i did before i realized i liked him.
    has anybody had this problem???
  4. Reki

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    You should take the chance, at least you'll get an answer that way. He probably already knows you have a crush on him so you might as well just tell him outright and see if he has those feelings too.
  5. Drekono

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    i say go for it and ask him out. who knows, he could be feeling the same way and is just to nervous to ask you. Best luck to you :D :hug:
  6. killtomorrow

    killtomorrow Well-Known Member

    the other night he was acting cold towards me so i messaged him after he left my house and i told him that he fascinates me and i want to get to know him and hes definitely surprised but im not sure if its in a good way.

    I really dont feel like facing him now that i said that,ecspecially after him saying he doesnt really have feelings for anyone els before i told him how i felt about him..