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What to expect when the police come

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I figured that after classes tomorrow I would give my school's counseling center a call. I plan on the telling them everything and I think as a result of this they'll call campus police to bring me in protective custody. I really don't want them to come, but what should expect as a result of this? Will they bring me to the hospital and how long do you think I'll have to stay?


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Well first, the counsellor will only call the police if you tell him/her that you are a threat to yourself. If the police come they should be nothing but understanding and kind and above all else patient with you. If you refuse to go with them and they know you are a threat they can "arrest" you under the mental health act. But it doesnt go on your permanent record. It is just a measure to ensure that you get the help you need. They will take you to the hospital for an assessment. This takes as long as it takes for the doctor to see you and the police stay with you until you are seen by the doctor. Then the assessment takes about an hour. Be as honest as you can with the doctor. I have been to many assessments and if you are honest the doctor will see that. They dont want to just put people in the hospital because they may feel depressed. The pward is usually pretty full and they wont put you in unless you really need to be there. If you are ok to go either the police will drive you back home or they will wait until you can find a ride home.

If you are hospitalized I think the minimum you stay is 72 hours. Within that 72 hours you have to be seen by a pdoc. If you are stable they will sign you out. I have on ocassion have been there up to 5 weeks. It depends on you basically.

How your hospital stay turns out is pretty much up to you. If you fight and balk at everything and everyone it will be a long horrible stay. If you take up the offers of help and resources they offer, it will be much more enjoyable.

I hope what ever happens after you talk to the counsellor it is what is best for you. Good luck :arms:
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