What To Live For

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  1. kristellechou

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    Suicide has been running around in my head since I was about thirteen. I am 28 and so at 13, this was the height of Harry Potter, Charmed and Friends - among others. I remember clearly thinking 'If I killed myself now, how would I know what happened on the fifth book?" I kept saying the same thing about Charmed and Friends and whatever other obsessions I had at the time.

    Harry Potter, Charmed and Friends quite literally kept me alive at the time.

    What are your reasons to hang around?
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  2. Northern

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    Good thread idea.

    1- The possibility, even if slim, that I will find someone for me.
    2- Progresses in science and the images from the next space telescope.
    3- The happiness of my parents and friends.
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  3. Witty_Sarcasm

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    That's a good question! And really helpful to me right now because I need to find reasons to stick around. Here's a few of them, no matter how cheesy some may be :p

    I would miss chocolate too much :p
    To see my nephew grow up, to be a good role model to him and see him turn into a decent human being
    To rebuild the relationship with my sister and become close again
    Trying to get my stories and poems published
    To become a better musician!
    Helping people any way I can
    Just enjoying the small things in life, like spring is soon, then summer, I look forward to that
    TV shows and movies that I like to watch
    Reading all sorts of books
    Making friends and making great memories
  4. Petal

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    Things to live for

    1 My niece, I love her so much even if she doesn't like to talk to me. I wish I could turn back time.
    2 My mum, love her too, my life would be completely destroyed without her. I'd be nothing without her.
    3 T.V and DVD's, very entertaining, I never used to watch T.V, now I can't get enough of it.
    4 This forum has helped and guided me throughout the years and supporting others now helps me too.
    5 I want to be a paramedic and want to help others. I have a lot of kindness in my heart.
  5. summerraine

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    1. My sister. My mom. My dad.
    2. New superhero movies are lined up until at least 2020!
    3. Comedy. I like to make people laugh and this in turn, helps me.
    4. I want to fall in love with the right person, even though I am scared to!
    5. To see all my friends get married.

    Thanks for this thread idea!
  6. lachrymose27

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    1. possibility of finding someone to love and grow old and die with

    that's really the only thing although i'm wanting to give up on that too
  7. touya999

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    Family,yugioh,neptunia i guess?
  8. Bryn70

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    Laughing: even in the darkest times there have been things that have made me laugh and made me smile, even though I didn't think it was possible.

    Making someone else laugh, smile or feel better about themselves: I try to keep in mind that many, many people are fighting their own battles, some much worse than mine, and seeing a flicker of humour or the ghost of a smile when they're so caught up in the horrible things in their head helps.

    Knowing that I would hurt my family members very deeply: All of us have experienced too much heartbreak recently for me to add to it.

    Wondering what incredible person, idea or experience I might miss out on: I suppose that could be filed under "hope", even though hope can sometimes feel like a curse.

    Bloody-mindedness: I'm stubborn and I'm not going down without a fight.
  9. Yosoy

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    Wow, few days ago I thought about killing myself.I was pretty sure I was going to do it this time.But I haven't seen the new season of bates motel lol ! in latinoamerica :)
  10. afterlifepig

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    1. my parents
    2. it would be a waste of my brain, of all my education if i killed myself too soon. still have the potential to do good work as a programmer