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What to say? >.<

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So i was wondering what you all thought of this...
I'm going to send it to my girlfriend, because she needs professional help and i need to help her see that... but yeah, please read and let me know if you think its okay/i should add/take out anything

'Hey lovely<3
First of all, i love you and thats never going to change
I've never loved someone this much... and i love it <3
So thankyou x

But heres the main part of this message...
If you're taking ____ as often as you are with the intention not to wake up in the morning... then we need to do something to deal with it, together, because its not fair on you to have to deal with all this
I know you will say that you just do it to help you sleep or that you'd never leave me... but you know that its dangerous so there as to be some intention there <3

You'll be reading this now and probably be physically feeling sick, in pain somewhere and probably still emotionally feeling how you did before hand last night,
I can see how hard it is for you, and I know you don't think you are strong but I admire the strength you've shown so far but you need another way of coping <3

I don't want you to see this as me thinking you're crazy or i have had enough because thats not how it is at all, you know i love you and i can never ever have enough, I'd be moving in with you to keep you happy all the time if i could, i just know its not fair that you have to deal with this on your own when i'm not there

If you talked to your mum she would want you to, you'd have someone to cuddle you at home or she could sort out something like lorna again (but don't take it as acting classes :P)
The first bit would be the worst bit, starting the conversation and I could do that bit for you, or at least help <3
Or if you didn't wanna involve your family we could look into it ourselves<3

I know you will be all 'nonono' now, thats why i'm posting it here because you can't directly reply and i won't know when you've read it, take time to think about it
If you do want to try something know that i'm not going anywhere, i never ever will
I love you, my beautiful girlfriend and you'll always be that to me no matter what
forever&always lovely<3'

for starters i think that's a great message- really gets what you want to say across. well done

also... and don't take this the wrong way... but don't you think there are too many <3s in their?

i know you love her, but i do think it's a bit much


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Thanks for your reply

Yeah i admit there are alot :')
But... without sounding like one of them girls who puts thousands of xxxx's on the end of everything they say... thats how we are :') (only to eachother though :P)

so it'd be odd not to have lots?

But apart from that it seems okay?


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I think your letter is fine.. Although I think you should put something in there about seeing a professional..Thats what it is going to take to bring her around..
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