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What to tell the doctor


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Hi! I have been feeling suicidal the last few weeks and have told my doctor. I have had a lot of stress and depression over the last year and couldn't cope. Things are looking better for me now and I don't feel suicidal anymore. Will I get into trouble for wasting doctor's time? Need help on what to say at follow up appointment. Thanks


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Hi there, no of course you won't get in trouble, you didn't waste the doctors time, In fact, I think the doctor will be delighted you are feeling better and not suicidal, I'm sure that is the outcome your doctor wanted in the first place.

Its so good to see someone doing good on here, I'm very happy for you and I hope it lasts. *hug

Tell him the truth at the follow up appointment and I am sure he will be pleased with the outcome :)


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Thank you very much. You are right. I need to tell the truth and be honest. My Dad been unemployed since June. Money has been very tight and we struggled. Now my Dad is starting a new job and things are looking better. I must save some money in case it happens again. Never want to be in dire straits again. Thanks


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i am glad you aren't suicidal now. but be honest with your doctor and you'll never get in trouble. the fact that you were suicidal is significant. your doctor will look for causes and help you remain without suicidal thoughts by helping you cope with triggers. and please keep posting we are happy to hear from you. good feelings or bad you have people here that care about you...mike...*hug*shake

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