What? - trigger 4 animal lovers?

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    God oh God why am I telling this horror srory? I guess it's trapped in my mind, so I'll never forget.... I'm goin to die..... or by keepin it inside I will kill something that deserves to die because they sure as fuck did not!!

    Warning animal lovers! Avert thine eyes now or you'll be so fucking sorry!

    I warned you... :sad: Please take me seriously...

    Once upon a time there were a family of kittens living in the desert. The mother cat, and her litter. I had the pleasure of helping my 2 lil bros by choosing 2 females from the litter to keep.... so tiny & cute absolutely adorable I'd give my life in a heartbeat... as I loved w/ my family at the time, we moved to an apt. that allowed pets.... and the lil kitties grew, as life would expect from them. I did not expect this:
    The oldest female cat would constantly escape the house-goin as far as jumpin off of the 2nd story balcony when we tried to tame her. And the older female eventually got everything she was lookin 4 in a man-cat(whom I never saw) then became pregnant. We set up a room just for her, she ended up having her litter in the walk-in closet. 5 little bundles of tiny joy! Well, to this day I take care of my pets better than anyone I know, so I watched over the newborns & their mother. As life would expect the newborns grew. The mother decided it was moving day, and 1 by 1 carried her children out of the closet to a large part of the master bedroom. And there they grew into furry, fuzzy, miracles. My 5 beautiful creatures whom I cannot ever forget.... but this was 7 cats in a 3 bedroom apt.
    Motherfuckers and there dogs next door called the humane society/animal control who came to our place and made these fucking rules up:
    Only 3 cats to a home
    Permits are required for the others
    We had 1 week to find them homes
    When we could'nt find homes the kittens were taken to the shelter & because we had 3 grown cats too we were forced to move away from the evil neighbors who deserve horribly painful drawn-out deaths, 'cause:
    The shelter came and took my lovelies away, to a disease ridden shelter I knew nothing about or I'd have killed anyone who had a job there! We were lied to that we could find them homes from that point on, that we had time & this "shelter" would do their best as well to adopt them out. Mother o mine & I found them better homes! We returned to the shelter as rapidly as possible. I'd never been there b4............ a god-damned prison! My cats were in metal cages! We were ionformed that they were sick-too sick to make it-and I could see that the mother was dying! Her litter looked & behaved normally, recognizing me and crying out for love rthat I'd always showed them at home when I was near. I couldn't fit 2 fingers thru the cage bars to pet them as they purred in an attempt at being petted by me. I proceeded to beg the shelter witch-woman in charge that I'd get them medical help/the little were lookin normal/I wanted them back. Evil shelter policy said they could never make no and noone short of god himself could relinquish the rules that these sick cats were to b put to sleep. As we argued they had security throw us out! FUCK & There is NO GOD or MY LOVE IS GONE.... I'll go back to this "shelter" and kill everyone that works there as soon as I figure out how to get away w/ it & how to free the animals, who have a better chance living off their instincts in the desert than they have at the disease ridden cages they keep animals in there. Oh god I've been cryin like a little girl whilst typin this.... I am so fuckin sorry..... but didn't I warn you not to read at the beginning of this nightmare that I live thru? I have 1 fixed cat now and it's my baby...... I spoil it so it won't eat anything cheap(like dry cat food) and all my love goes to Tiger(my cat's name) whom I spoil so that he thinks he's human.... you should see the crazy he stuff that he does all the time!
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    I'm an animal lover, especially cats and sure this story is sad, but careless people who do not get their cats de-sexed are the problem. We can't just let cats run wild. sure you may look after yours well, but many don't, they just end up as breeding machines and end up living in gutter drains. I think it was rude of you to say all the workers there need to be killed. They do the best they can. You think their are more families wanting pets than the number in there? ofcourse not. unfortunatley it is the only way...
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    Yeah sure you think I'm gonna go around killin? I just get together w/ my mind and feel so angry. I'd put togrther some sort of "walk out" peacefully, one where the facility is shut down for all the mistakes ppl are in charge and keep makin. One where I could care less if this "shelter" is closed down... get a real job.... especially when you are workin with ppl who are liars 1st and foremost. Would you really do anything for the almighty dollar? :blink: It's completely inhumane to put wild cats off the street who've never had any imunity shots in the same cage as a house cat.... part of your job is also to lie about it so you can remain in your cushy fuckin office chair while someone else is paid to do the dirty work. They are so scared of a lawsuit should they let diseased animals out of their facility to spread more diseases.
    Those ppl who originally called animal control had 2 large dogs and noone knows if they even payed the pet deposit. And they had the audacity to call in a few cats? That's hatred/jealoussy & idiocy all rolled in to one. Some ppl.................:rolleyes:
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    I just stumbled upon this post and read it, despite your warning WhyMeWhy.

    While reading it, tears popped into my eyes, and now I just can't stop crying. I don't understand. I cannot understand. I don't even want to understand. How can some people be so cruel to animals? Animals have never done any wrong. Animals aren't rotten beings. They just live life using their instincts. It's us human (those who do wrong upon innocent creatures/beings) who should be locked in metal cages.
    And I really do hope you can somehow find a way to sue that animal 'shelter' or get them to shut down or at least pay for what they're doing one way or another. They do not deserve to carry the name 'animal shelter'.
    The way you found the animals there is pretty adverse conditions if you ask me, which is exactly what the place should protect them from, rather than inflict upon them. :sad:

    Thank goodness you've got Tiger :smile: Always nice to have a loyal cat like that. Animals are the most pure beings on this planet imo :smile:

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    its not actually suprising, i breed falcons for a living and a large 'protection' charity decided they would forge evidence and kill several birds during a raid on our premises, our phones were tapped, we were followed, they claimed we stole wild falcons and also claimed the falcons were worth £300,000 each yet in real life theyre worth £400. they took my personal hunting bird from me, we had restrictions on everything and they took several thousand pound cash we had for emergencies. we were blasted by everyone with false claims and even though we were nothing but helpful they seemed intent on ruining our lives, we have suffered so much and they seem to feed off our suffering!
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    I don't understand what the damn point is in them doing all that shit :mad: It's infuriating :dry: