what was my sin?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by life, May 16, 2007.

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  1. life

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    What was my sin?...Why me why me?....for about 2 and a half years i am goıng throught with is awful psychology....which i can even name it!....firstly my family is average money wise but they dont understand me and they dont want me to go to a psychologıst..They sent me money and saıd yeah u are goıng to a psychologıst thıs year and then no more!....But that wasnt enought....my mum is 56 and my dad is 59 years old...they are kınd of old and they are upset about me too.....and if i tell them that my sıtuatıon is heart rending they would probably get even more upset...My borther helped me a lot but no he says to me..what can ı do for u? i did everythıng for u..u have to try!!!!....And now he is telling me that i will be lonely till the rest of my life and die from suicide!(i have extreme shyness)...the thing is i always say to god PLEASE MAKE ME OVERCOME THİS...İ WANT TO LİVE.....İ WAnt to be happy...there is a lot of thıngs that i want to do ın thıs life however i can not do it....Finishing my school (becouse of my ılness ı cant even go to school:()....i feel very bad that i cant go to school ı mean unıvercıty...ALL THESE bad feelıngs wıll appear if i go to shcool....shyness lonelyness dissapointment hopeless.....The other thıng is toı have frıends to go and enjoy life...have fun!.......İF İ COMMIT SUICIDE ONE DAY İ WONT BE RESTING İN PEACE DUE TO THE THINGS THAT İ COULNDT DO IN LİFE...why me god?why me?...
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    life,I'm really sorry for the way you're feeling and the pain you've held for so long first of all allow me to be your friend and by this I mean it.sadly I can't be there physically for you but I will do my best to be there for you in any other way I can.Next of all your shyness is a very common thing yet understandably a tough factor also,I do understand how you feel but believe me you can overcome this.

    I'm 32 years of age now when I was eighteen and even until my early 20's I was very shy,but gradually I learnt to be able to have conversations with people just like that.It's not easy and no walk in the park and I'm feeling still very shit these day's,but you can make serious inroad's into these problems even though it may not seem that way now.

    I also want to reassure you that don't believe that you will be lonely for the rest of your life mate,don't believe that for a minute because that doesn't have to be the case.also don't believe that you will die from suicide because you said it yourself that you want to live see you said it so it mean's you want it badly enough.Have faith and as I said you can talk to me anytime,I know what it's like it aint easy but I'm here to listen alway's anytime you need me.
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