What We Remember

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    What We Remember:

    It’s takes a long time
    To realize that
    What we remember
    is the most powerful slaver

    Memories are simply
    Leeches that can’t exist without experience
    Fragile, yet able to subdue the human mind with
    A thousand whips
    Lashing out with guilt, despair, suffering, and torment

    They can be watchers, ready to strike the heart with shards of glass
    When a triggering moment marches by

    Perhaps there will be a person who experiences the last moments of his life
    Staring at his bloodied hand, knowing death is but a few ticks away
    He will regress from reality and re-live his life in immaculate detail
    Finally realizing that memories are the last thing we see

    Not only what we remember
    Is the most powerful slaver
    But it is the final company we receive
    An untouchable handshake
    Greeting us into the unknown
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