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What will you miss or not miss?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by boo, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    I am starting this thread purely for emotional/sentimental reasons. Because that's how I feel nowadays. I want to talk about the things I will miss when I depart.

    I thought about it long and hard and came to the conclusion that I WILL NOT miss anything. After 15 years with depression on and off and constantly for the last 7 years, that has stained all what used to make me happy and make me smile.

    i wont miss going to work and forcing on a smile everyday
    i wont miss going home alone everynight
    i wont miss the murders and crimes on the news every F#%&#!ing night
    i wont miss children being abused all over the world
    i wont miss the lying,cheating and stealing by all the dishonest S O B's in this world
    i wont miss my sadness, cause it is starting to be too much to take
    i wont miss wishing a woman would love me and the heartache when they dont
    i wont miss being ashamed
    i wont miss being afraid
    i wont miss being a loser
    I wont miss the lonliness, the neediness, the emptiness.
    I wont miss my inability to overcome my problems.
    I wont miss the anger and the moodswings and the compulsion to kill myself.
    I wont miss the anxiety, the panic and the guilt.
    I wont miss feeling like i am in trouble all the time.


    i will miss bacons, hash browns, mcnuggets and mcdonald's fries.

    What will you miss or not miss?
  2. Ronny

    Ronny Banned Member

    Wendies chocolate thickshake! Drools over self thinking about one! :)
  3. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    i'd miss my cat and my friends.

    i wouldn't miss being bipolar. it really sucks and has made my life very difficult.
  4. Akita

    Akita Well-Known Member

    I would miss my dogs. I know they don't care about me but I care about them...
    Other than that... I would miss nothing.
  5. Domo

    Domo Well-Known Member

    I think it's obvious what i wouldn't miss.

    What i would? Most of all... cuddles and kisses.

    My brother.

    A few certain people who make life worth living.
  6. ZombiePringle

    ZombiePringle Forum Buddy and Antiquities Friend

    Would miss my daughter, My.... friend (not sure what to call her) and my Son. thats basically it. maybe a few other people..
  7. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I would miss McDonalds triple cheeseburger and coke and apple pie and sundaes..:rolleyes: chinese food, cakes, etc.

    I'd miss my SF friends (sorry you come second to Macas :) )

    I'd miss the smell of flowers, cut grass, red sunsets, beautiful mountain scenery
    waterfalls and streams.

    I'd miss babies..I love babies
    and Owls.

    I'd miss my family but they're already estranged from me so.......

    I would NOT miss the loneliness, violence, rejection, sadness, despair, being depressed, the anxiety, confusion and just trying to survive ...

    I would NOT miss those yapping dogs next door

    I would NOT miss me! :(
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  8. sinnssykdom

    sinnssykdom Banned Member

    I won't miss going to work and pretending to be upbeat and happy.
    I won't miss getting phone calls on my day off or being asked to come in early for work because someone flaked out or called in sick last minute.
    I won't miss my self centered friends
    I won't miss my house
    I won't miss my family
    I won't miss being taken advantage of
    I won't miss waking up everyday wishing you hadn't
    I won't miss people pretending to know what it feels like to be ME
    I won't miss doctors pushing shit down your throats
    I won't miss being a drunken loser
    I won't miss being a screw up and mistake
    I won't miss customers being rude and being slobs
    I won't miss people who refuse to even try and learn the language of the country and yet expect superior treatment
    I won't miss school
    I won't miss watching everyone else being happy
    I won't miss doctors looking at you like your some sort of fucked up animal

    I will miss my pets
  9. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member

    I miss belonging
  10. Emerald Hyperion

    Emerald Hyperion Unknown Mystery Person

    I won't miss being a complete idiot.
    I won't miss making the same stupid mistakes repeatedly.
    I won't miss always being used by others.
    I won't miss people saying that they "know me" when they clearly don't.
    I won't miss people "BAAAWWW"ing at me (getting obvious fake sympathy).
    I won't miss people treating me like absolute trash.
    I won't miss people always laughing at me.
    I won't miss not existing in this world/being a "living ghost".
    I won't miss people lying to me.
    I won't miss being misunderstood.
    I won't miss being misrepresented.
    I won't miss having words put in my mouth.
    I won't miss any memories of my childhood/teenagehood.
    I won't miss my "false friends/associates".
    I won't miss being a loser.
    I won't miss being one upped by every Tom, Dick, and Harry.
    I won't miss being insulted and disrespected for no reason.
    I won't miss watching everyone else becoming successful and finding true happiness in life.
    I won't miss being proposed to for advice just to have it ignored anyway.
    I won't miss not being taken seriously by everyone.
    I won't miss being mistakenly labeled as a homosexual.
    I won't miss being drunk.
    I won't miss feigning happiness and a smile to others.
    I won't miss always being alone.
    I won't miss being unloved.
    I won't miss being outcasted from everyone.
    I won't miss my split personality disorder.
    I won't miss this rotten, violence, selfish, evil hellhole of a world.

    I will miss Chargette (SF friend).
    I will miss Dunkin Donuts iced coffee/latte/coolattas.
    I will miss Wendy's hamburgers/chili/chicken/Frosties.
    I will miss playing PSP videogames.
    I will miss Bleach.
    I will miss anime/manga.
    I will miss my favorite kinds of music.
  11. Tish

    Tish Member

    i won't miss feeling alone all of the time
    i won't miss how i can't seem to just get on and do things
    i won't miss the way people look at me with pity
    i won't miss that whenever i love someone they stop loving me
    i won't miss how people get sick of me and leave
    i won't miss listening to people's shallow lives
    i won't miss pointless exercises at uni
    i won't miss the days where i stand in front of the mirror and pick fault with every bit of me
    i won't miss how nothing ever seems to go the way it's planed
    i won't miss how long it takes for the NHS to find me a councillor
    i won't miss crying at night for no reason
    i won't miss all the stupid scars
    i won't miss my smart housemates making me feel like a moron
    i won't miss never being good enough for my dad
    i won't miss the terrible things humans do to each other and the world around us.

    i will miss my pets
    i will miss watching sharks swimming round at the aquarium
    i will miss getting tattooed
    i will miss the thrill of when i get really close to an animal in a zoo
    i will miss the rainforest and it's amazing life
    i will miss the reptile shop
    i will miss being cuddled at night
    i will miss the rare days when i put on my red dress and go out feeling beautiful
    i will miss babies and holding a tiny new born in my arms
    i will miss pasta and cheese and strawberry ice cream
  12. laylasmom1

    laylasmom1 New Member

    I won't miss crying all the time
    I won't miss the choking feeling in my chest from all the emotional pain
    I won't miss faking that I'm just fine and dandy when I want to die
    I won't miss being used and also ignored by family
    I won't miss having to try to explain to family - yet again - that this is more than just the blues.
    I won't miss taking meds. That's for DAMN SURE.
    I won't miss all the money I have to spend to save a life I don't think is worth saving.
    I won't miss my job.
    I won't miss how pathetic my life is
    I won't miss all the love I have that has not been returned
    I won't miss how the weekend comes and my phone never rings because no one calls and no one wants to see me
    I won't miss feeling like an ugly fat loser
    I won't miss feeling like a fraud
    I won't miss trying to find a shrink who can help
    I won't miss traffic

    I will wonder if I'd have ever found love if I'd stayed.
    I will wonder if my dog will forget me - or how soon.
    I will wonder if my death will hurt my family as deeply as they hurt me.
    I will wonder if my family will carry out my burial/funeral wishes as I directed.
    I do wonder if I'll go to hell or heaven to be with my grandma.
  13. ali-wali

    ali-wali Well-Known Member

    I will not miss the pain
    I will not miss the tears
    I will not miss the people who treat me so badly
    I will not miss freeview tv
    I will not miss my ex boyfriend
    I will not miss cold floors
    I will not miss been scared

    I will miss my pet rat Damien
    I will miss my dad
    I will miss my mum
    I will miss cups of tea
    I will miss fish and chips
    I will miss the fireplace
  14. Sleepwalk

    Sleepwalk Well-Known Member

    I will miss dogs. All dogs. I love dogs.
    I will miss driving. Again, love driving. Preferably fast, rwd V8 powered cars.
    I will miss music, particularly rockabilly.
    I will miss humour. Stand Up comics like Christopher Titus and John Pinette, TV shows like Family Guy and Two and a Half Men, etc.
    I will miss my exGF, but I miss her already.

    I will not miss feeling like shit.
    I will not miss the pressure I feel day in, day out, like someone is standing on my chest.
    I will not miss my family who make me feel more like shit every chance they get.
    I will not miss being obese.
    I will not miss being alone.
    I will not miss constantly feeling tired. Stupid. Beat down. Frustrated.
  15. Cosmos Atom

    Cosmos Atom Member

    I won't miss having to work in a crappy job with crappy people
    I won't miss getting out of bed on a cold morning
    I won't miss having to wash, shave, deal with my crappy hair
    I won't miss my ugly body
    I won't miss house chores
    I won't miss all the evil in the world
    I won't miss all the celebrity worship in the media
    I won't miss pain and depression
    I won't miss bullying and insults

    I will miss my cats and my mum
    I will miss nice food and cups of tea
    I will miss playing xbox with my friend and good TV/films/music
    I will miss snow
  16. hollowvoice

    hollowvoice Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    i will miss music
    i will miss my cat

    i wont miss my head fuck
  17. Scully

    Scully Well-Known Member

    I won't miss all life problems
    I won't miss the friends I don't have

    I will miss my teddy and my cats
  18. srhk24

    srhk24 Member

    I won't miss pretending to be happy all the time.
    I won't miss my anxiety.
    I won't miss the pressure to perform well at my studies.
    I won't miss my inability to talk to people.

    I will miss chocolate, especially snickers omg.
    I will miss playing my favorite songs and singing along (badly) to them.
  19. plshelpme

    plshelpme Well-Known Member

    i will miss driving
    i will miss sleeping
    i will miss burgers and fries
    i will miss soda
    i will miss babies, children, and especially their laughter/innocence/happiness
    i will miss apple pie
    i will miss cheesecake

    i won't miss studying
    i won't miss feeling so abandoned
    i won't miss feeling betrayed
    i won't miss the fact that NOBODY listens to me
    i won't miss being misunderstood by my family
    i won't miss feeling suicidal
    i won't miss feeling depressed
    i won't miss the chronic fatigue that comes with being depressed
    i won't miss cold weather
  20. jimmy88

    jimmy88 Well-Known Member

    I won't miss living with damaged nerves from a broken spine!!!
    I won't miss feeling like an alien among peers
    I won't miss infatuation and unrequited love
    I won't miss the many ignorant people i thought i could trust
    I won't miss trying to play the part of a social, happy person
    I won't miss failing to prove my worth to my father
    I won't miss lame love songs and rom coms that gave me false hope
    I won't miss having nobody that understands me
    I won't miss the many regrets and blown opportunities i was too passive to act on
    I won't miss feeling trapped in a miserable existence

    I will miss bbq ribs, sea food, and chinese buffets
    I will miss my dog
    I will miss my parents and a handful of extended family
    I will miss hangin around the train tracks behind my house
    I will miss the planet, wish i travelled more
    I will miss wildlife
    I will miss pondering subjects like philosophy, religion, metaphysics, astronomy, psychology, zoology, etc.
    I will miss learning about other nations and cultures
    I will miss surfing the net
    I will miss weed
    I miss feeling hopeful
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