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What Women Really Want - For Christmas

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Article that was in the Scottish Daily Record, Thursday November 16th 2006:

Christmas is just round the corner and, as usual, most men will be shuddering in horror at the thought of hitting the shops.
While the majority of women will have been traipsing around shopping centres for weeks, buying gifts and stocking fillers for everyone from the children to the next door neighbour's cat, guys generally only have responsibility for making sure their other half has a nice present under the tree.
But for most men that seems to be as difficult as putting the toilet seat back down after they have been to the loo. [Note - this article was written by a woman :tongue: Of course.]
This year, however, help is at hand as gift expert Jan Davies has followed up her popular Gift Expert Handbook with "Darling, you shouldn't have!" - what women really want and how to get it right every time.
It's a step-by-step guyide for guys buying presents for their wives and girlfriends, with some particularly pertinent hints and tips for the festive season.
So read on, guys, to make sure you score maximum brownie points this year on Christmas morning.
For most men all the big day stands for is eating a huge dinner and watching a re-run of The Great Escape - which is why your partner may be justifiably hacked off if you try to excuse your neglect of her by claiming you didn't have time to buy a present or if you have bought her a horribly insulting one.
And be warned: scientists say there is a day when Christmas shopping reaches nightmarish proportions. In 2004 it was December 4, so get to the shops before this year's point of no return arrives and bear in mind the following pointers:

Read the signals
Most women will not tell you what they want because, not only has she probably been brought up to believe it is rude, she also still longs to be surprised and delighted by you.
That's not to mean she will not give clues and signals so watch out for them while gathering as much information as possible, such as which perfume she is running out f, her bra size, dress size and what her favourite film is - it could all help you get the perfect gift.

Jewellery as a gift from a man to a woman
The most important messages of all are delivered wiht jewellery and men only tend to give jewellery to women they are ni love with - so it is important not to mislead those you are just dating by giving a gift that sends wrong signals.

Booze and chocolate
Fine for birthdays, Valentine's Day and anniversaries but not for Christmas.

Lingerie and sex toys
This is probably the one area where more innocent male blood has been spilled than in two World Wars - mainly because of men not researching sizes properly and having a totally different idea of what looks good on women.

Clothing and accessories
It may spoil the surprise but it's advisable to take your partner shopping for new clothes - it saves tears and you could learn a lot.
Most women love somthing new to wear and a Christmas gift of clothes should be something special - such as a coat or dress made from something special like leather, cashmere or silk.

Fragrances and beauty products
Even if your girl is not a beauty product devotee, something like a jar of hand cream is always appreciated. But, while perfumes and varnish can make good presents, stay clear of practical presents such as shampoos and utilitarian appliances such as hair straighteners unless requested. Be careful with make up, too - an expensive lipstick works as a stocking filler but a mascara of any price doesn't.

Christmas stockings
These can be a rewarding way to give presents and are much appreciated by many women. As a tip, no present should cost more than about £20. Fillers include knickers, chocolate, soap, bubble bath or lip balm, a good pair of stockings and scented candles.

The finishing touches
Remember how exciting Christmas was as a child, especially the bulging stocking full of presents?
Also remember how disappointing it would be if Santa didn't get it just right?
Well, men may grow out of that, but women never do.
So never leave the price tag on something, make sure the present is perfectly wrapped either by hand of in-store, and don't throw away designer bags from expensive stores as women can get huge enjoyment from using them all year round.


Hope this helps anyone who was stuck :tongue:
I'll make it easy. Guys, just give the woman all your credit cards and let her run wild. Meanwhile, unload your savings account into cash, which should be buried in a locked safe, far, far away from the house in case of emergency. If you're religious, start praying.

Happy Holidays!
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