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What words just by hearing irritate you?

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The biggest loser ever to live.
I'm sure some of you have these certain words and just by hearing them, you dislike it and probably perfer to use a synonym or something.
The two words I can think of right now are laptop and college. I instead replace them with notebook and university, weird huh?


I hate the words 'nifty' and 'spiffy'.

I also despise useless words... like 'number' when people say 'PIN Number', or 'writing' when they say 'writing pen', or 'machine' in 'ATM Machine'... Just kill me now...


Attention seeker, physco, weird, looser, sad, no life, pc addict, wannabe emo :mad: , and uhm.. mostly when im peed of with my mum.. her voice is just like a knife going through my head.. but thats if im really peed of with her, but then again, im always peed of with everyone, lol.... so yeah thats what irritates me ALOT when people say im those words.
The four letter 'c' word is something I don't like and I also don't like the term 'emo', it makes me mad. Um, there's probably other words which I can't think of right now..


I hate hearing "Thats gay" but I gave up questioning people when they say that. Whats the point.
I don't like the words in the following order: America and only and superpower, america in general makes me annoyed...


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Jimi, you've got my number!!! My country('s leaders) is/are the most arrogant selfish destructive people I can think of.:mad: The rest of the world hates us, justifiably so, because of bush and his lying murdering buddies!

Other words that drive me berserk are: "whatever", "retard", "I was like" (instead of "I said"), and any other word with derogatory connotations regarding any person or group.

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These irritate the life out of me;

Stupendous - Ive heard someone over use it to sound smart and I started to feel homicidal.
hows you? - The 's' in it is seriously annoying
The phrase "think outside the box" needs to go.

1.) If you're encouraging non-traditional thinking, shouldn't you be using a different metaphor? "Think outside the box" is a tired clause; if a supervisor uses this, you're probably dealing with someone who has a terminal lack of imagination and probably doesn't practice what they're preaching.

2.) I've found that the phrase is often thrown out by supervisors who have no clue what they're doing themselves and are simply using it as a way to delegate tasks downward while attempting to bolster their own image of superiority. It's a bad excuse. If you want somebody to get a job done and do it well, then teach them how to do it instead of giving them vague guidance and walking off.

3.) I had a boss who used this phrase all the time. Needless to say, it was a bad work environment, and I ended up leaving the career field far behind because of this one asshole. This phrase is now burned in my memory as something that bad supervisors use.

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I cannot stand this word. You're taking an unpleasant thing and trying to make it cute by adding a 'y' to the end. I hate this word so much it's bothering me right now seeing it written in my post. :grr:


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I always want to scrape my brain out with a plastic spoon when I hear the word "emo". Especially when people say "I'm emo!" and "I love emo-music!" and "I dress emo-style!" and shit. Bitch, shut up.
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