what world are we living in?

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  1. morning rush

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    I went to see a movie and it was full of people...well during the movie the main actress gets hysterical to the point that the lead actor hits her in the face and she falls to the floor. Now I understand why he did that, what I didn't understand was that the audience clapped their hands and cheered the act.

    What kind of world are we living in when people cheer on physical abuse? I was stunned. But then again I'm not like most people. The guy next to me kept laughing all the time, and I was just wondering what the hell? this is a horror movie, a serious one not the gory kind.

    I guess I was born in the wrong era or something...am I the only one who sees these as wrong? I mean if the generation of today cheers and claps at abuse, what do they do in real life?

    And don't blame it on horror movies, I watch horror movies all the time and I haven't turned evil, abusive or anything like that. idk....
  2. flowers

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    yes, my friend. I think we are generally desensitized as a society. So we can see atrocities and not even be effected. We can see abuse and it doesnt even register that this is not alright. We see suffering on TV and the movies. We are so accustomed to seeing it that many do not become outraged or upset when they see it irl. This is the danger. Or so I think.
  3. Moat

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    No matter the reason, can you honestly say that you have not had your adrenaline pumping when watching a horror movie and witness total bloodshed at the hands of some sadistic killer or Asian ghost and not enjoyed watching it? How is that any different than a girl getting knocked on her arse? Or a bloke?
    Films are fictitious - you should take them that way alone.
  4. morning rush

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    actually I like when the victims fight back...when they survive, because I've lived in survival all my life...I don't watch movies where there is torture because I simply don't enjoy it...I like horrors with empowered victims who fight back and don't let a killer get in the way of their life...

    yes a movie is a movie...but still to clap when someone hits someone else, is kind of disturbing...
  5. Moat

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    Then, I assume you are not a fan of boxing or any other kind of physical contact sport? :bubbles:
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  6. emily83

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    but the problem these days is that it's all too real.

    things like this happen every day in real life

    i agree with the original poster, today's geniration are really messed up
  7. pickwithaustin

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    Movies are "escapism." I think most people understand that and have a clear separation of what is real and what is fiction. When Luke Skywalker shot those proton blasts into the Death Star in the movie "Star Wars" (okay, I'm dating myself now - I saw it first run in the theaters), the audience applauded as the Death Star exploded... killing probably thousands of imperial storm troopers (and we thought also Darth Vader). At the same time, I doubt that the same people applauded when on the TV news we watched the crashing of a plane or the mass shooting at a school or an event. I think that most people can separate the two from fact and fiction and then can respond accordingly.

    My worries focus more on today's video games that kids play... and also on the glorification of dead people that people enjoy seeing in the form of "zombies."
  8. morning rush

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    To Leif: wow you really don't see a difference between abuse and other types of violence?

    pickwithaustin: yes I understand that people would applaud the shooting of death star, that's not the same as slapping someone so hard that she fell to the floor...to me there were no ahhah! moment. It's not a triumph moment...like for example the victim kills the killer...that's an appropriate moment to clap in my opinion....

    I don't know...I guess I don't see the world the same way as most people...
  9. Moat

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    Yes, I do see the difference between abuse and other types of violence - it is only that I know the difference when it comes to fiction and reality and that while I do so love watching such violence, I know enough not to walk down the road with a cricket bat, pointlessly bashing people's skulls in for the mere fun of it.
    I see where you are coming from, I just have a different point of view about things, like you have a different opinion about a lot of things that I think.

    Anyway, I feel this thread is starting to be a bit of a hot topic, at least for me, as I wish not to offend anyone or whatnot, so will bow out, having said all I wished to say and hope that you take all that I have said as nothing more than merely my own thoughts on the subject and nothing else.
  10. morning rush

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    leif: do not worry :) I didn't take any offence to what you said...this is a place to vent and think out loud so. I like talking on here because everybody sees something different and so it gives me the opportunity to think different or see something in a way I never thought of...

    I guess it just took me by surprised is all...but I guess I understand what you mean...