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  1. BornFree

    BornFree Well-Known Member

    What would happen if I ran away, far away
    What would people think, do, surmise, say
    If one day I was no more, vanished in the haze
    or should I stay heart breaking, body wounded, dazed

    Small, so small and utterly insignificant, redundant, flawed
    like rag doll shaken to the core, ripped apart, mauled
    curled in a ball, avoiding every scary thought, situation
    Recoiling in fear from every heartache and altercation

    When leaving alive is not an option, inadequacy consumes
    all emotions raw, flashbacks, terror, revolting feelings exhumed
    as if it was just yesterday the memories overwhelm and swallow
    every ounce of hope, of light, the tunnel too long, dark and narrow

    No one knows, sees, always keep smiling, keep feigning, pretending
    all is well, all okay, meanwhile dying, crying, pain unending
    Hollow, empty, numb, downtrodden, beyond despair
    Is it ever right, justified, acceptable, understandable, okay to care

    so much that the need to leave is as strong as the need to make way
    for someone new, new life, new strength, new outlook with more to say
    What would happen if I was no more, if I vanished without a trace
    would people understand, empathize, sympathize, validate my case?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    i do understand hun i truly do but if you left many would be sad i being one of them hugs
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