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what would this world be like without me?

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sorry i juss cant stand these days anymore. its alreyad been a whole fuking month of non stop torture from the kids at my school. i thought maybe in TIME it would fade away and soon everything wud become normal again. but sorry those people...those people...they all juss wnat me to die.
they dont wnat mecoming to school. they sed these exact words to each other "get rid of her on monday. i dont wnat to see her on tuesday wednesday thursday friday..." i was really shocked myself too. these peo-ple want to kill me. and even sed if they had the chance theyd slit my throat. ive never been so fukign scared in my entire life. and ill take these people seriously coz their the big bad gangster people. i feel so sacred. and sad. and if they really want me gone. maybe i'll juss die so the whole world would be happier without me.people told me to give this time. and i did its been a whole month and not hign has changed. still hte mean coments threats. everything. am i really getting in hte way of this world from everr revolving happily again? i can't turst anyone anymore. my friends were even there when they sed those things like wanting to kill me&slitting my throat. But all they did was "yeah yeah" nods and laffs and smiles. WTF KINDA FRIEND IS THAT??? sorry even my friend doesnt really appreciate my fuking existence even though i helped her liek crazy in hte academics becoz im a NERD. i hate going to skool i feel so scared...GOD SAVE ME!!!


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pray about it. i have seen you have mentioned God. the bible says no weaponed fashioned against you shall prosper. if God is for us, who can be against us? i pray for angels to sorround you from any evil attack and the blood of Jesus christ to cover and protect you. Jesus said "nothing by shall any means hurt you". just believe. inform the cops if you should. i will pray for you. good luck.


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i would suggest telling the authorities. If you are receiving actuall death threats, then that is illegal. Perhaps you could have a restraining order put on them, so that if they go anywhere near you then you can have the assholes arrested. Then they would get raped by a big black guy named "bubba". im sure that would bring you some happiness.
but in all seriousness, you really should inform the police, you need to take action. It is a violation of your basic human rights. noone should be subjected to that.
i have experienced stuff like that in the past so if you want to talk drop me a PM.
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Hi, you should immediately tell your school principal or the police. Telling your parents would be a very good idea too. These kids are way out of line and are bullying you.
thanks for the messages. but i admit im really sacred to tel hte authorities. becoz if they find out...ill get into more beef with them. im so scared. i cant think rite. and im scared again becoz my friend is with me in this. School has brought me so low that i must seek help in this forum Either way im scared as hell. Nothing can promise my safety as long as I'm there.
sorry that exactly wut i think. i mean think about it.
they hate me. if i were gone theyd have no one else to hate.
and there wud be no more porlbmes for them anymore. at the price
of me dying. i think its a nice deal. i mean i dont want to be alive either
becoz wen i think about it. why shud i even be alive if i know that so many
people hate me and juss wnat me to die. but thats pretty damn selfish. becpz
im dying so they can be happy. and i think maybe these shall be my last words...
becoz i jsus got warnings that they're gonna bring weapons to school tomrrow.

i have to make best of my life now.
so if today were actually my last day
id say that thank you eveyrone for supporting me thru this
ill remeber to remeber you.

with love,
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