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What would u do?

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[Bmy englısh ısnt that good sorry ]ı am 17 years old and lıvıng wıth my borther and his friend for about 1 year ...İ liked sam and his sister holly..Sam thinks that ı have a screw missing and told to his sister age of 29....she says that ı have no screw missing or any psychologıcal problems...then 6 months later we go to an boat trıp wıth their couisins....due to my shyness ı am socially inept!i couldnt talk to no one and they just left me their didnt ask me nothıng......i felt left out...1 week later ı saw holly and her friend while i was sitting at the balcony...Holly saıd to her frıend HE HAS A SCREW MISSING DONT TAKE NOTICE OF HIM...they told everyone that comes into our home and they made me down!!!!...LOOK GUYS I HAVE NO SCREW MISSING THATS SURE....i have just been throught a lot 2 years ı felt unhappy suıcıdal and extreme shyness..I am telling to my brother and he is sayıng İ am just being parnoid!!!!!what would u do ın this situation please someone tell me!!!!!!..[/B]
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