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**what would you call this??**

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theres a young little girl 18 months older than the boy, say the boy grabs the girls chest and squeezed while in a play fight, what would you call that?
Just kids being daft maybe ??? My boy came home not long ago with some bruises around his nipples when I asked how on earth did he get those he said they were all play fighting at school and one of the lads was doing the "nipple twist" apparently his parents are ok with him watching wrestling or whatever ?? so kids just being kids.

Is their more to your post that would make it more than just an over zealous play moment ?? How old is the boy ??


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I agree with Serendipity. Certainly on the face of it. Though I would ask whether the girl has actually developed breasts yet, and how old the boy is. But to me it just sounds like a play fight that got a little out of hand...
yes the girl had developed breast, she was 12 or 13 and he was 11, it started off as a play fight, he wouldnt get off, grabbed her chest then let go and walked off. what if the boy and girl were related what make a difference??
I still think that it was probably just a spur of the moment in a heated playfight rather than him copping a feel.

Kids when they get to that age are obviously starting to develop but it depends on if they are still quite innocent in their ways or if they are a bit more wised up to these things. Therefore it would depend on the nature of the boy ??? Play fighting usually comes to a natural end round this age as well so if you are talking about your daughter or a friend maybe suggest that she doesnt get into play fights anymore so she isnt in that scenario again ... just to be sure.

I wouldn't worry about it to much to be honest ... was the boy embaressed when he walked away ???
No he was proud of himself, like he knew what he was doing, he's a very violent person and even aged 11 was very violent towards the girl. I'm pretty sure he knew what he was doing when grabbing her.
Ok ... well thats a totally different thing entirely !!! I don't mean to pry vikki but are you talking about a past issue that happened to you ?? I had just started to read your post about how your brother treated you.


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Ahh... I feel stupid that that just clicked.


It could still just (just? ha! you know what i mean though...) be a nasty violent thing rather than a sexual thing, if the boy didn't otherwise behave in a sexual way towards the girl.
Yep managed not to, comming up to a week later on today, just hope i can hold out that long...............just that and other things have triggered me and now im pretty tempted to self harm
Thanks guys, i dunno what i was trying to find out really .................

Guess i just wanted to sort a few things out in my head ..... not that its working ... seems like its just messed it up even more. :unsure:


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I would call it not a big deal. They are kids.

However, teaching the youngster boundaries is a good thing.

I slapped a few butts in Grade School. Big deal. I did not grow up to be a rapist or anything.
Yeha if your the girl i would consider it a big deal, especially as the boy was her brother and has treated her like a piece of shit he stepped in all her life, but meh whatever ..... im done


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Brother? Well that adds a whole new dimension to it you know.

That is kinda weird.

My point was that kids do that type of stuff all the time you know.

I mean, and how old are we talking here?

You know if something was wrong about it.
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