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What would you do/have you done for a loved one?


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Love of all kinds can empower us in all kinds of ways and drive us towards all kinds of ends through all kinds of means. What have you done/would you do for those (or the one) you love most?
Let's start small; I (like many others) get up early on the same days as someone I love dearly so I can text them 'good morning'. A beautiful start to the day :) |- freedom


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I bake a lot more because hubby has a sweet tooth. When I had access to sour cherry trees, I would pick and pit those cherries for hour to make him his absolute favorite: cherry pies.


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:) Alot of the descriptions of your life I have read sound like the kinda life I'd like to grow up into. Think your quote is excellent ;) my dad got me reading Terry Pratchett's genius.


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When it comes to Terry Pratchett, it's pretty much a cult for me. I mean, he can tell the most profound things and make you laugh at the same time.

I think a full and meaningful life is possible if somebody wants it bad enough and seize the opportunities when they present themselves. The problem is that most people only wants the highlights and an easy picking. And anything of value will ask of you to stretch yourself beyond whatever you think you are capable of to make it through the work, the hardships and the setbacks. Even a great relationship will come with its fair share of make or break moments where you are holding on the cliff with your fingernails. If you make through those times, the love will grow and deepen but until the wind turns, its bloody difficult not to give up. It will also ask to take risks, and most people prefer the safety of their comfort zone. When they say, be careful about your dreams, because they might just be realized, they ain't joking.

The Unforgiven

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i do silly little things all day. =P
im pretty much a tomboy around the other guy, he sees a side of me which i dont show possibly even to my parents. =P surprise him with lunch, he loves food. lots of tiny things tbh.. but i would do anything for him. the word encompasses anything, to the point that an otherwise perfectly sane girl would drop ead if he wanted her to.
im crazy, =P


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I can't think of anything exceptional I've done, but Elizabeth pretty much saved my life and I'd do anything for her if she asked.


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I walk for an extra forty minutes every day possible to see him for twenty in the morning before his classes start, even in the snow. I wake up early every Sunday, so I can watch him sleep and hold him for a while before we have to get up - and then he brings me breakfast in bed, every time without fail. I don't even have to ask.
He was depressed about his exams, so I got him a Terry Pratchett book he'd been talking about wanting a few weeks prior and got it signed so I could give it to him the day they finished, as a bit of a pick-me-up.

I don't know, I'd do anything for him. That's all that springs to mind though XD


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I don't think I can do anything productive for anyone because I am incapable of love. Never have been in love and too screwed up to ever be in love, but if I did find someone I loved. I would buy them their favorite cake, work out their favorite work outs, and try out their hobbies.


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Give them chance after chance and allow them to completely fuck over my self esteem, self worth and self confidence until I was a suicidal wreck.

THEN I finally left.

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