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What would you do if today was the last day of your life?

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Something that I was just thinking about today, as I descended into another uncontrolled fit of crying and wondering both why I am crying like this and reflexively thinking about doing it again was about living life.

If I am going to do, finally, what is the best way to go? Should one leave in misery or should one live their last day to fullest enjoyment.

It is funny, there is that saying about living every day like it was your last. But what if today really was your last? How would you live it? What would you do? I frequently read that people who are committed to the act frequently make amends with the world and give away their possessions. But what else would you do? How can you live your last day to the fullest when you live currently in such misery? And if you live your last day to the fullest, would it be your final act, or would it help you to reconsider your judgement?

I am trying to think right now of things I would like to do today, contemplating that it would be my last. But I cannot think of any. The only thing I can think of is going for a walk in the woods, with the trees bare, walking over the dead wet leaves that autumn left behind. I would also like to go and get more coffee. But that's it. Any other ideas? What would you do?
There's no point in thinking bout it..Anyway ,I agree with your points ..actually ,I just recovered from my suicide attempts ,I made it look accidental each time ,hardly nobody notices ...:rolleyes: ..I'm quite suprised ,I always treat my "friends" ,give my possessions to others each time prior to my failed suicide attempt ...Anyway ,if it was to be my very last day ,I would give away my stuffs ,call my family telling them that I'm "o.K" and say sorry to everybody ...I wouldn't even gonna write them any suicide letter ...Just wanna go away peacefully..I know that I'm never of any significance..


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Almost 20 yrs ago, my best friend, Bob was dying and he asked me what I would do if I knew I was dying...he had lived a life of honor and bravery, loved by everyone who knew him...and we proudly chose each other to be friends...I remember him saying, "Toots, if you were dying tomorrow, what would you do today"...the first thing that came to my mind was to hug my friends, watch a very funny show, and drink the best wine the stores could offer...over these yrs, I have continued to hug my friends, watch funny shows and when I drink a great glass of wine, I do so in his honor...life is short, I got the memo, and when I remember this, I try to live each day like it may be my last...in honor of Bob and our love...big hugs, Jackie


On my last day I would just die. No sense in dragging it out with goodbyes or giving stuff away etc. I would just go quietly without notice.

jane doe

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i think the same as reborn at some point. If i´m dying for an illness i would like to say goodbye to everybody and i would like to say something important for what i´ll be remembered. But if i´m going to kill myself, i would like to be completly alone, only with my sadness, so anyone can stop me, and i would make somethings that surely will be censored at this forum, so you can imagine them. but that´s me,


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Well... for a start I wouldn't go to my 10 hours of lectures and labs tomorrow... would probably just relax, rest in my bed, perhaps do something nice for someone... tell any girl i had a crush on how i felt, go for an expensive meal and lay down to sleep in a comfy hotel room someplace... that would be a nice day...


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The first thing I thought of when I read this post was that I would feel relieved if it was... that's how bad things are now. Anyways, what I would do is decide who gets what of my stuff. I'd probably let my roommate have my printer and I would give my money and computer to my brother. After that, I would go to the beach. It always comforted me when I was there even though I haven't been there in a while. Something about it always improved my mood. I don't know what I would do when it comes to people though. That has always been difficult. I don't know if there would be anything I could do or say to make them feel better about my death. Maybe I would try to write a note to everyone I love telling them how much I appreciate them.
If today were the last day of my life I would sit down and write a single letter addressing everyone I have ever known. I would tell them that although I have not done anything spectacluar in life, it was my joy to have the times we had, good and bad, that it was all worth it to have met and known along the way. I do not want them to weep for me but celebrate my passing because I know where I'm going and I know there is nothing for me to fear. I would tell them that I have always loved them. It doesn't matter what they have ever done wrong because I forgive them and hope that they can forgive me.
Then I would wear my favorite dress and take a trip to my favorite place when I was growing up, an island along the coast. There I would walk the beach and reflect on all those good memories as well as those of times with my special loved ones. I think I would like to spend my final moments taking in the scenery, the scent of the salt on the air, and sit on the rocks feeding seagulls.


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i would call as many people (family, etc.) as possible and apologize for anything i ever did to them and that i loved them. i'd write a blog saying the same...then..

i'd get into my favorite jeans and shirt and i would drive to see some of my best friends, get one last hug from them...probably cry on them 'cos they wouldn't have any idea what was going to happen

and 'cos it's been a dream of mine, i'd probably hold up some gas station...just for kicks..

and then go home and crawl into my bed, in my cozy pajamas, so i can be home and hopefully warm and among happy memories when i went...

...wow..i so want to go and do that now...

..i would..but it wouldn't have the same meaning as if this was my last day...


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Write a final, honest, loving letter to my sweetheart.

Take the life of another human being. Just to see what it's like. But not anybody. Someone that made me truely miserable.

Buy some liquor, dope, and take my favourite CD in the car. Drink and smoke myself insane, put beautiful music on, then die messily.

Not that anybody really cares. But I was going to do exactly this on November 28. But something happened before then which made me re-consider. Now, I'm alive for a little while longer at least.
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