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What would you do if you were the opposite sex?

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If I had the same personality I do now as a girl I would hope that I would make an unattractive girl so I can avoid getting hit on very often which is something that I like about my life now not being hit on since I have no interest in an intimate relationship


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I'd be really sad and wish I were a girl.
And I'd be gay. And probably hate myself even more.
so I'm glad I'm a girl. =D good thing nature got it right


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I'd probably use my penis a lot on both cute girls and boys. Guys make it seem like a penis is like having the whole world in their hands, so it could've been quite interesting :)
Hmmm... If I were a guy, I would make sure to find a girl and treat her the best way possible. Cheesy, I know. But I've had guys treat me like shit, I'd love to be able to make a girl feel special and not hurt her. Yeah... very cheesy lol
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