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What would you do if...

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painNsiolence said:
I am lost......I don't know....keep trying to find my way back.

What would you do if.....you woke up and you were bald?

considering my hair almost reaches my behind the first person I would go after would be my vindictive ex!!!!!!! I just know he would be the culprit!!!

what would you do if you had 2 tickets to a consert but you had 3really wonderful friends. How would u choose which friend to take???:blink:


Well-Known Member
Sounds like a Three's Company episode. I would sell the tickets and take my friends out to eat and a movie with the money.

What would you do if your eyes were swollen shut?
I would go around making everyone crazy and laugh when I'm the only sane on left, that is if I'm sane now. o.0

What would you do if you started turning into the opposite sex?!
Love her anyway, and do everything in my power to try to help her.

What would you do if your :cat: knocked a bunch of your pills into the dishwater ? :dry:
are we speaking from personal experience? lol say bad bad cat! and sick spike on it :dog: lol

What would you do if you grabbed the wrong news paper and went around looking for garage sales all around town with the wrong towns paper? lol :rolleyes: :ohmy: :blink: :dry:
are we speaking from personal experience? lol say bad bad cat! and sick spike on it :dog: lol
:ohmy: leave that poor kitty alone! and unfortunetly yes, that is from personal experince. :dry:

Pretend it never happend. :wink:

What would you do if you couldn't make yourself get out of bed? :\
I do think everything I do is wrong, but I am WRONG on this one, because it's a FEELING not fact, just remember that.

What would you do if..........you wanted a baby, a life, to go to college and be a therapist, but.......you most likely can't have kids, a long time before well enough to go to college and doubt you can make it?
Give you a great big :hug: and tell you I beleive you can, because I beleive in you! :smile:

what would you if the world was ending tomorrow. (Its not, FYI :tongue: )
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