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    My neice who was born with cancer, has survived being sexually and physically abused...and is only 11..is going thru a very difficult time. She has since been removed from her mothers and her husband (her abusers), and now lives with my brother and will start counselling very soon...HOWEVER...her younger sister (who is not blood related to us), is still at home, she's 7 years old, she has told teachers, her sister (my neice) that she will kill herself if she has to remain at home...we have no legal right to do anything, although we have said to social scum and the solictor dealing with the case for my neice that my brother will take her in so she's not split from her siblings...but they STILL haven't done anything.

    It seems the abuse at home has got worse for her since my neice left, she cries everyday at school and has become very very withdrawn, the school are saying they can't get involved...social scum don't appear to be doing anything....her dad has already been stopped from seeing he's other kids because of "allegations" of abuse...so why won't they do something....

    At the moment, I am very very very tempted to go over to they house and kill them both, ok, it won't do me any good but it will safe a 7 year old...a 7 year old that is going to kill herself if she remains at home...what else is there that we can do?

    why is this world so messed up that we can't even protect the children of today....one sick sick world.

    See this is what I can't deal with..knowing that a child whom I know, who is related to my family is being abused and nothing is happening..sit back, watch and wait....I don't think so....
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    The only thing I can suggest is be in their face hun. Call them 4, 5, 10 times a day if need be. Get friends and other family members to do the same. Write an editorial to a local paper about the red tape and lack of doing anything concrete about this situation. Social agencies hate negative print. They are quite capable of stirring it up themselves so they dispise anything that is added to it. Get others that are aware of the abuse to call and report it. Everyday if need be. I dont know about where you are but here all schools and staff have to report even suspected abuse so phone and razz the shit out of the school for not taking this matter seriously. Make it your life goal if need be but please dont let this little girl slip through the cracks. Thank you for caring about her hun. Every and any chance you get let that little girl know that someone is trying to get her help so that she doesn't feel all alone. Good luck lost.